Monday, January 31, 2011

Singing in New York City

Our last night in New York was a doozy!!
Sonja our IT manager whom we will be traveling to Italy with in March took Holly and I for a nice dinner at this great restaurant down the road from the office called CRAB CITY!

We ordered a bottle of wine, Large Lump Blue Crab Crab cakes for starter, Fettuccine with Lobster and Alaskan King Crab legs!
They even Gave us these funny little bibs!!
Sonja and Holly
After dinner we headed out to hail a taxi cab..which we been very lucky at catching cabs this trip.
Holly said we Must go out and have a NY Cosmo and off we went venturing the streets for s Dive bar around town.
We found a little Dive called Muldoon's and stumbled in with our very small wine buzz from dinner. Holly ordered 2 grey goose Cosmos and we sat at the bar savoring the most perfect Cosmo I ever had and it better be for the extremely high price tag they had! I noticed it happen to be karaoke night at the bar so I looked over at Holly and Said YES we are SOOOOOO singing karaoke tonight!!!
Holly was hesitant at first but soon she was right up there belting it out!
She was singing Between the moon and New York City! Then we both sang Stray Cat Strut
and of course..had to do New York New York by Sinatra..yeah I know so typical of a New York Tourists.
We soon made a bunch of friends in the bar and ALL of us ..I think there was about 8 of us--just Sang to our hearts content.
The final song they choose for us to do since everyone knew Holly and I were from California and Not new Yorkers like the rest of them was California was the start to a night on the town!


John and Kirsten said...

How fun and you have been craving crab leggs! I have a stash of those bibs for when we do lobster at the house, complete with'll have to come visit for some East Coast lobster!

Thelma said...

Awesome! I love your jacket by the way!