Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some fun gal time

I am looking forward to some fun upcoming gal time .
We got our tickets to go to this Knott's Berry Farm Studio K reunion shindig hosted by Richard Blade. It is all 80's. I was never enough to go to this but I remember as a kid going to Knott's with my folks and I would just stare at the teenagers in their full Mod,Goth,New Wave garb and just think about how cool they looked as they were all lined up to go on the rides and then later to this Studio K club. I always wished I was grown up to go too..well I guess now I will finally have my chance to see what it was like!
Toni booked a Room for us gals to go away for the weekend again for wine tasting for May 14th..So looking forward to cutting loose with my gals, wine tasting,beautiful scenery,lots of laughter, lounging poolside, fresh air, good's gonna be great!
Our tickets are all booked too to go see Tiger Army. (click to see them in action) They are playing at the OC fair so we are going to check out the fairgrounds first take up some fair foods,wine taste, some beers in the hot sun and then off to see the concert.

There are some other plans we are still working on such as waiting for the Ink and Iron tickets to go on sale, a trip to Glen Ivy we been wanting to do for like 3 years now and a trip to Toni's cabin in Big Bear...I think it is gonna be one great summer with my gal pals!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Camping Trip ..BOOKED

So this year will be the third annual family and friends camping trip. We have been doing this in the past with my aunt and uncle and small cousins along with some friends and my brother too but last year John and Kirsten moved away to the East coast but we are still gonna keep the tradition going on. The first year we camped at Lake cachuma and last year we did San Onofre. This year we are going back to Lake Cachuma cause I loved it there so much. Usually our group consist of 8-12 of us..this year we will have a Whopping 27+! I was So very lucky enough to get the LAST Small group camping spot for us for June 17,18,19. It is the Barona Butte campsite pictured above! Everyone wants to pitch in for a Boat too so that will come next. So far there are talks of a Big Seafood Broil. I am of course going to plan out a chore and Cook schedule and YES we are gonna stick with doing a scavenger hunt. A lot of the friends are so willing to help me plan meals and activities. I love this site too cause it is close to the playground and we all pretty much have kids. There will be 10 children and all of them with a friend their age to play with. All our friends that confirmed on going are really excited just like us for this trip. I CAN'T Wait...anyway..I am gonna post up some memory photos from our past two camping trips...
Last years trip to San Onofre..heading out to the Beach...Parker was leading the way..
Limbo time
Night hike and drift wood hunting
Hot summer day and Watermelon
Breakfast time
The Guys
Lake Cachuma Camping..taking a rest after setting up our tents
It was always Beer Thirty out in the Hot weather
Plenty for the kids to do at our camp spot
Getting ready to cook up some vittles
Beautiful sunsets at the Lake ( I can't wait to share this with our friends this coming June)
All of us going for a stroll through the campground
The animals were so non afraid of people there.
and fishing!

I am so excited for this upcoming camping trip!!!

Mental note- GET AIR MATTRESS!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disneyland and Dinner

Gabe and I took Ava to Disneyland for a little bit Sunday early afternoon. We rode the little Omni bus which was fun. Ava was pointing and waving at Everything and saying WOW!!
It was busy but not too busy.
We took her to Pixie Hollow which we never been through
I don't know anything about pixie Hollow So I do not know who this guy is...
Ava was more into climbing on all the colorful flowers rather then seeing Tink.
We went to It's a small world next which Ava just LOVES.
Before we came in there was this male duck threatening us before entering in the building..What up with that??
I always love these singing geese
Bye Bye Small World..
I love this topiary
AHHHH now we see why the daddy duck was threatening people on the boat..he has a family to protect. It was nice they had a Disney cast member watching over this duck family who was getting a little close to the boats.
Time to play in Mickey's House..Ava loved exploring in it
After Mickey's house we were hungry and decided to go to Gabe's restaurant for a early dinner
We brought a bottle of champagne
Gabe had the bouillabaisse (spelling??) I had the Steak Frites and we had a side of Mac and cheese
Ava was fine with just wanting to eat the bread and ice out of her water..every time we were giving her pieces of our food she would go "BLAHHH" and act like she was throwing up her food and then start laughing...must be from cartoons....
We even had room to share this Belgian chocolate pudding with Chantilly whipped cream for dessert..
At least we got to have some before someone wanted it all to herself
After dessert we wiped Ava down and headed to Gabe's brothers house to pick up Parker and we hung out there for a little bit.

It was a pretty nice Sunday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Margaritas and Movies

Saturday Night was a little date night for Gabe and myself. Parker got to stay the night at his cousins and my mother agreed to come to my place to watch Ava fora few hours. Gabe and I had a movie gift card burning a hole in our pocket so we decided let's go see a movie..One that is actually NOT a cartoon since any other time we go to the movies we take the kids with us. We bought our tickets and since we had 40 minutes to kill we decided to walk over to El Torito for some chips and salsa and margaritas. I first order the golden Cadillac marg and it was super tasty.
Then Gabe decided for the Next Marg we get the Grande's!!..It was like the size of my HEAD!
Suck it down Gabe..we had ten minutes to finish these before our movie started so the race was on..we had a nice head change though for the movie!
We saw Limitless and it was FANTASTIC! All about a guy down on luck who takes a little pill that allows him to access 100% of his brain power..and ooo how the story has all these twist and turns! I recommend it highly! Gabe and I both said we would love to see it again!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Girls Beauty Night!

Last night was Girls night at my house. Thelma and Toni came over and our night consisted of Vino.Food,Beauty treatments and movies...not to mention the usual girl talk!
Toni and Thelma both brought over some wine and Toni brought a Large pepperoni and Cheese Z pizza. The slices were HUGE..(wish I would have taken a picture of it) We all also broke out our beauty supplies. I provided nail polishes ( I have almost 50 different colors)
Toni brought over some mud and cucumber peel off Masks and Thelma brought some cold sliced cucumbers ( which we did not even use...)
After a couple glasses of wine and Pizza I had a Bread pudding I was cooking up for dessert.
The bread pudding I made was a Peach and Pecan bread pudding..super easy and tasty too.
I put on the stereo in the living room and we listen to music throughout our eating and drinking and pampering.
Toni got us all these cute headbands to wear to keep the hair out of our faces while we put on our masks..Toni and I did the cucumber peel off Mask and Thelma did the Mud Mask.
Once we had our mask on it was time for some nail painting and chit chat. Once we washed off our faces and the nails were dry we turned off the Music and Started up the TV to watch a movie. Toni brought over a large collection of 80's movies..Of course we had to pick our favorite which we all seem to know the lines of..Weird Science. Before watching the movie we all did a shot of this girly Pink Vodka and champagne liquor and I brought out 2 big Artichokes I boiled for us to eat while watching the movie. It was a great night and really we need to do a beauty night I think once a month...maybe soon enough we will have even more girls to share this new once a month beauty night with!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Toast and Roast to Greg!

So last Saturday we went to our friends Greg's 40th Birthday BBQ and Roast!
There was Tons of food, Tons of Booze, Tons of Friends and Tons of fun for all Kids and Adults.

The cake was so good. Just love the picture of Greg on his scooter.
Middle of the party everyone got together to share stories and make fun of Greg.
Quite a few people went up..I missed a lot of the roasting though cause Vickie and I were out front letting our girls bounce in the house.
I knew it was time to take Ava to the bounce house when she started playing and throwing rocks.
Before I went to the bounce house though I listen to Josh share his funny story and Greg's brother share his story as well.
It was so great the toddlers had their own time in the house before the bigger kids went in.
Ava and Evie Jumping
We got to see Greg open his first gift.
Pretty cool Vespa clock for his garage ..well full of vespas!
Time for cake. We stayed until it was dark then we left for home cause Ava was getting too fussy and started to throw fits in front of everyone. We were going to go out later but with my digestive and intestinal issues I been having I have not been well these past few weeks. I hope that will change soon.