Monday, March 28, 2011

Margaritas and Movies

Saturday Night was a little date night for Gabe and myself. Parker got to stay the night at his cousins and my mother agreed to come to my place to watch Ava fora few hours. Gabe and I had a movie gift card burning a hole in our pocket so we decided let's go see a movie..One that is actually NOT a cartoon since any other time we go to the movies we take the kids with us. We bought our tickets and since we had 40 minutes to kill we decided to walk over to El Torito for some chips and salsa and margaritas. I first order the golden Cadillac marg and it was super tasty.
Then Gabe decided for the Next Marg we get the Grande's!!..It was like the size of my HEAD!
Suck it down Gabe..we had ten minutes to finish these before our movie started so the race was on..we had a nice head change though for the movie!
We saw Limitless and it was FANTASTIC! All about a guy down on luck who takes a little pill that allows him to access 100% of his brain power..and ooo how the story has all these twist and turns! I recommend it highly! Gabe and I both said we would love to see it again!


Thelma said...

sounds like a great night. I want to see that movie just because Bradley Cooper's in it!!

Iris said...

Yes he is HOT that is for sure! His eyes are just AMAZING!!!

John and Kirsten said...

Awesome..we did a movie night on a Sunday a few week-ends ago and had the same evening really need to do that now and again.