Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hofbrauhaus Goodbyes

So our last night in Vegas we basically spent at The Hofbrauhaus with a lot of the other remaining few that did not go home from the scooter rally. There was a pretty good mix of people there. They were not doing their usual German beer game contests but there was still a OOMPA band entertaining the crowd.
A must have item when going to the Hof...Giant pretzel!!
and Giant Lager!! This was soooo good!.
While we had our beers and Pretzel and listen to the Oompa band we laughed at all the paddling that were going on. When you buy a shot there the waitresses give you 3 good swats after your shot.
Jade getting one of many swats of the evening.
I was just fine with Watching the other tables get swatted then all of a sudden out of nowhere The waitress puts the paddle in front of me with a shot on it. I was Like WHAT!!!!!! DAMN you JOSH!!!! The shot was very tasty ( like a apple Schnapps) but the spanking did Sting..Badly ...they don't mess around there. Once I had my swat the whole table started getting them..everyone at our table except for one gal got one.
Guillermo found a end of a Frankfurter that looked identical to a know we took a million pictures with this but some photos probably too x-rated for this blog.
How you like it Josh...doesn't feel so good HUH
Gabe praying the second does not hurt as the first.
Which one is the imposter?? are not getting away from this table so easily!
We really were considering of putting this on ebay! Many of hours of play!
Before we left and just when Vickie was thinking she was going to get away from not having to take a shot and get swatted we all made sure to send her off with a GOOD paddle'n
Happy Birthday!!!!
After Hofbrau we walked over to The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and went to get the Gambler Special at MR. Lucky's. The food there is always great! This was Josh's all you can eat Prime rib..he could not even finish this plate.
We walked around for a bit and went back downtown and gambled and mingled a little bit then we were just all so worn out from the whole weekend the 4 of us went back to the room and got all cozied up in our beds and rented a in room movie and watched Jackass 3 and just called it a night.
Early next morning Gabe and I packed up and got on our plane back to Long Beach!
It was a fantastic vacation!

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