Friday, October 28, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Last night Gabe and I went out to Hollywood to see Come Fly With Me at the Pantages Theater.
The play is basically dance performances all done in front of a 19 piece big band with all the vocals and tunes from Frank Sinatra. The story is about 4 different love stories that happen in a swanky bar. The show was really great.

 We were meeting up with our friends Roland and Jennifer and the plan was we all meet up at The Frolic Room right next door.
 Gabe and I got to the Frolic room first...I am still under the weather and really was not in the mood too much for pictures...I had a glass of champagne but Gabe wanted me to pose with his martini
 I love love the wall paper in that joint!
 Love these 2
 Here Gabe now let me take a picture of YOU with your martini.

 Once Roland and Jennifer showed up it was off to the play we went
 What a beautiful place
I could not take any photos inside the theater but I tried to sneak a couple of stealth shot...little did I know it was on below are some surprise videos ...I can't wait to go back and see The Addams Family!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pet Hospital Halloween Event

This past weekend I have been so busy at the Pet adoption events. Saturday I took my foster dogs over to  Pet adoptions at Pet Supply in Fountain Valley and on Sunday we headed over to Pet Hospital in Orange for their Halloween festival and anniversary party. The festival consisted of a whole parking lot filled with vendors such as The Orange County Animal Assistance League ( which a HUGE silent auction contributed all the proceeds too), A Parrot Rescue and I.C.A.R.E dog Rescue (us). This event was open to the public so people could bring their dogs and themselves in Costume. There were prizes for best costume and a dog parade, and a free BBQ and Root Beer Floats. Lots of FUN

 I brought Parker with me and the dogs to the event. I got there early to help set up our booth and dogs crates. Parker wanted to take some pictures so I gave him my camera so here are all the photos out of the WHOLE day that Parker wanted to take. This was the only one  I old rat rod.
 This chihuahua was soooo tiny..this lady had 3 ..this was Dorthy , she had a tiny tiny long haired one that was the cowardly lion and the other was dyed Green and dressed as the wicked witch...these guys i the photo you cannot even tell how tiny they really are..Think of the size of your digital camera..yep that is how big her tea cup chi's were.
 This costume was crazyyy..
 He was walking on all was really an amazing costume.
 Parker's photos..Of course the rat rod would be a big part of it. Parker I think had a great time walking around and eating free food and taking pictures..He even placed a bid on the silent auction for a Skateboard Gift cert and a BUNCH of Halloween decorations and candies..he placed a bid for the starting Price of 9.00...and WON!! No one outbid him...He was SO excited!!
 The Ghoul in the Rat rod
 This is Simba...she was my first foster..she has a new foster now..She is very sweet...I hope she gets adopted soon.
 My foster Chuggy also with Rigby.I want to adopt Chuggy so bad...he has reallllllly grown on me and everytime I drive him to a adoption event he sits next to me and gives me the sad watery crying eyes HE KNOWS...I would take him in a heartbeat but just cannot afford the adoption fee at this time. I would be able too in February though! Anyone was to loan me 300 bucks???
 Parker spent a lot of time inside the hospital hanging out with the kittens up for adoption...Last time I saw these guys a couple weeks ago they were really tiny..I am BLOWN away on how much they have grown!
So I am assuming this is on the ceiling of one of the exam rooms...LOL

Anyway the event was fun but we didn't get any dogs adopted out :/
At Saturdays event though a couple dogs were adopted. I wish I had pictures of Sat too cause I dressed up in costume. I was a 50's girl complete with a poodle skirt and Chuggy had a Letterman 50's jock jacket (which I found at my mom's thrift store) and Rigby he had a white t-birds wife beater and a spiked collar...we were The Outsiders..had my greaser and my Soc ( short for social) and I was the gal in the middle of both worlds LOL.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick O Treat with Snoopy

Last Sunday we took Parker and Ava to Knott's to do the Camp Spooky trick o treat event. It was such a HOT day. We just through a cowboy hat on Parker and Ava just wanted to wear her dragon costume (which she wants to wear all the time) These by the way are not the costumes they will be wearing on Halloween.

When we checked in they gave the kids a bag and a Map of all the areas to stop for treats. Ava knew just what to do!
There was a little craft area where the kids got to make their own little Ghost with Knott's wash cloths.
They also had a little The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Hay maze
It is impossible for us to ever get Ava to look at the camera anymore.
I love all the decorations
Parker Loves to go through the caves
They had a creepy crawly exhibit in the caves
Looked at worms and beetles
and saw some displayed dead creatures
The bat was pretty cool...I love bats..I think they are cute LOL..this one was a little creepy though. It was nice and cool in the cave. We saw some Emperor Black Scorpions. Did you know at night if you flash a black light on them they glow..So when you camp out in the desert take a little black light to flash on the ground at night to keep from stepping on one.
Ava juicing it up
At knott's SCARY farm they have a maze called CORNSTALKERS which is pretty scary for the grown ups but during the day they open Half of it up (the less scary parts) and call it the Haunted Harvest for the kids
They even had a friendly crow available for photo Ops
I was still not feeling well so after we were done trick o treating I was ready to go home and rest. Gabe took Parker on the Jaguar roller coaster while I let Ava go on the huff and puff..I also took her dragon costume off cause it was just too hot!
This seems more like work then a ride..she enjoyed it though.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2011

I been lagging on my blog because I been sick pretty much all this month on and off. Anyway we have not been doing much but trying to get over our ailments at home but even feeling sick we did manage to get out this past weekend...which is probably why I am much worse this week.

A group of us went over to the Queen Mary Haunt this past Saturday night. We all met up over at Sean and Julia's for cocktails and appetizers.

 There was a HUGE line of cars to get into the queen mary and I had to pee sooo bad. There was a good size line to get inside as well but I could not hold it..luckily we were able to get on the ship and use the restroom before going into the haunt. While I waited for the rest of the girls to get finished I took this picture looking out of the ship and into Long Beach.
 First maze we went on was Submerged and Then Hell Fire. Thank goodness we bought the fast pass wristbands..most of the lines for the mazes were over 2 hours long! We waited like ten minutes to get in the we always had plenty of libating stops along the way. My brother came out since he works there and walked around with us. Some of our group took a picture of him and his gory make up.
 Then Jess came out and I had to get a picture of her too.
 The longest line we waited in was like 15 -20 minutes for The Cage!
 I was trying to get everyone ( there was 11 of us) in line to look at the camera...Looks like only Gabe and Toni were listening. Oh wait ..Greg in the back..Looks like he heard too.
 Greg and Maria in THE CAGE
We were able to go on all the mazes but by the end of the night while everyone else went to have some drinks at the Observation bar on the ship Gabe and i and my dad went home. Like I said..I was already under the weather and After inhaling all that fog I was reallly not feeling well.
 Bye Bye Dark Harbor..see ya next year...I got some pretty good scares too!
OH and we saw these BIG CATS wandering around on the old Submarine parked next to the Queen Mary as we were making noises at them they started to come down towards us on the walkway...Um they were not Cats at all...It was a Huge Mama Raccoon and her baby..they were so cute...the only picture I could get before a bunch of loud passerby's startled them was this shot of two glowing eyes or was it something else.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quality time at Disneyland

On Monday I had the day off for Columbus day. Gabe had to work and Parker had school so in the morning Ava and I got up and made the Most of our morning /early afternoon at Disneyland. I was just dying to see the Halloween Decor.

 As soon as we got up by the entrance Ava was pointing and yelling out "Punkin! Punkin!" for me to look.
 It was still morning and I did not have my coffee yet so first thing first was already hot out so I got a iced mocha Grande! MMM the pastries were looking pretty darn good too...too bad I didn't have a craving for something sweet.
 I don't know for sure what is inside these Donald heads but whatever it is looked good!
 I got Ava a Big ol Sugar cookie and a chocolate milk..she was in Heaven.
 We walked through Adventureland and I noticed the Enchanted Tiki Room was just getting ready to start letting people be seated so we rushed in and relaxed and had our cookie and drinks and watched the show. Ava just LOVED it she was singing along too and tapping her foot to the music.
 We went on Winnie the pooh next and headed to fantasy land. We wanted to go to the Haunted Mansion because before we left she was all into the Nitemare before Christmas movie playing in her room so I thought she would get a kick out of that but the line was INSANE so we skipped it. We went over to the petting zoo area by where the Woody's roundup BBQ joint is and stopped for this photo op..(Hey it had a black cat in ..I could not refuse)
 We watched this lady do some pumpkin carving..pretty cool stuff
 I like how the details of the carving worked with Woody's shirt
 We went inside the building and colored some Halloween pages and a bat puppet they had for the kids. Ava was checking out this pumpkin head lady and she was like Meh about it..
 When we walked out WOODY was outside doing photos with the kids..He kinda freaked Ava out..she just stood there in this position for like 5 minutes stone cold.
 Yeah..she was like NO WAY am I going near THAT GUY!
 She ran off to hide by the pumpkins
 We went over to the Casey Jr. Train ride which she has always loved
 Look Ava say cheese....Oh and don't fall asleep
 It was off to Small World ( so nice and cool in there).  I think for my first tat if I ever decide to get one I want a very colorful and detailed Tiger..The Small World Tiger.
Yeap..She is always way excited for Small world. After that we went on Finding Nemo and then a ride on the rockets .( Which scared the crap outta me..Gabe will have to take her on that from now on)
Ava was really getting tired and so was I plus I had to get home cause Parker was going to be off from school soon so home we went. It was a really nice day but Like always ..Ava could not leave without getting another Stuffed doll...this time she got The Minnie Mouse in her witches costume.

I shot this video of Ava on the shuttle back to the car. she was Knocked out and I was trying to wake her..everytime I would she was just smiling..yep that is a little girl who had a great time!