Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Results are IN!

Saturday was our big rummage sale for I.C.A.R.E Dog rescue. I got up at 5am to get down to the location at 6am. Everyone else that was volunteering to do the sale showed up about twenty minutes later.

 These photos are just rummaged through partial areas of the whole sale
 We sold lots of stuff and we had our yard and a lot of the parking lot filled with a lot of stuff.
 We even had some of our adoptable dogs there such as Chance photo above..he is a Catahoula and American Bulldog mix. He is extremely gentle and young and beautiful. We had a family really interested in him.
 Pepper was there..she is a very mellow and well behaved girl
 Even my little foster Chuggy was there! He was such a good boy in his crate. He had a few looks too but was a bit too hyper for those who were looking..what do you expect ..he is only 10 months old. quite frankly I am getting really attached to him. He is soo amazing with the kids especially Ava. Sometimes I catch her playing a little rough with him and he does not even growl or try to bite or anything he just sits there and takes it like a champ and wags his tail..he would be PERFECT for children!
 I tried not to look around too much at all the items that were for sale but I did give in and bought like a dozen Disney VHS tapes, 2 very high end casserole dishes and this very cool vintage 80's My little pony carrying case complete with ponies...Ava loved it
 She was playing with the ponies all night
We even found her in bed with her ponies nice and snug next to her.

Anyway the Results of our rummage sale...
We made a grand total of.....1327.97!!! All for the dogs. So many people were praising us for the work we do helping out these animals and lots of people were just giving us donations and  We would have people buy like 5 bucks worth of stuff and give us a 20 and just tell us to keep the change. It was a great day and a lot of hard work. That night my body was aching and I was so tired but I would do it again. It was SO WORTH IT!

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