Friday, October 21, 2011

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2011

I been lagging on my blog because I been sick pretty much all this month on and off. Anyway we have not been doing much but trying to get over our ailments at home but even feeling sick we did manage to get out this past weekend...which is probably why I am much worse this week.

A group of us went over to the Queen Mary Haunt this past Saturday night. We all met up over at Sean and Julia's for cocktails and appetizers.

 There was a HUGE line of cars to get into the queen mary and I had to pee sooo bad. There was a good size line to get inside as well but I could not hold it..luckily we were able to get on the ship and use the restroom before going into the haunt. While I waited for the rest of the girls to get finished I took this picture looking out of the ship and into Long Beach.
 First maze we went on was Submerged and Then Hell Fire. Thank goodness we bought the fast pass wristbands..most of the lines for the mazes were over 2 hours long! We waited like ten minutes to get in the we always had plenty of libating stops along the way. My brother came out since he works there and walked around with us. Some of our group took a picture of him and his gory make up.
 Then Jess came out and I had to get a picture of her too.
 The longest line we waited in was like 15 -20 minutes for The Cage!
 I was trying to get everyone ( there was 11 of us) in line to look at the camera...Looks like only Gabe and Toni were listening. Oh wait ..Greg in the back..Looks like he heard too.
 Greg and Maria in THE CAGE
We were able to go on all the mazes but by the end of the night while everyone else went to have some drinks at the Observation bar on the ship Gabe and i and my dad went home. Like I said..I was already under the weather and After inhaling all that fog I was reallly not feeling well.
 Bye Bye Dark Harbor..see ya next year...I got some pretty good scares too!
OH and we saw these BIG CATS wandering around on the old Submarine parked next to the Queen Mary as we were making noises at them they started to come down towards us on the walkway...Um they were not Cats at all...It was a Huge Mama Raccoon and her baby..they were so cute...the only picture I could get before a bunch of loud passerby's startled them was this shot of two glowing eyes or was it something else.....

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Thelma said...

Jes and Alex looked great! Good makeup! Yeah there is a community of racoons that live there I hear...when i used to work there though back in the day there was a community of cats too. We used to feed them they were everywhere!