Friday, September 30, 2011

Knott's Halloween Haunt 2011

It is that time of year again..when we go with our usual group of friends to Knott's Halloween Haunt.
It was the usual group of Gabe and I, Josh and Vicki and Greg and Maria.
I was weary because I was already getting sick but we had already purchased our tickets so I just loaded myself upon some day quil, some 5 hour energy and a few drinks to get me through the night. It helped but man the next day killed me!

 Gabe and I parked and took our bags to the room ( we were staying at the Knott's Hotel and splitting a room with our usual roomies and vacation buddies Josh and Vicki) We made cocktails in the room and then headed to the Hotel restaurant Amber waves for some dinner which was just a whole lotta apps and drinks. Us gals got Halloween themed drinks and the fellas got beers. I had the pumpkin Pie was tasty.There was this guy busting Josh's balls and Gabe went in to play peace maker and the ahole loud mouth guy ended up buying gabe's beer and My was kinda funny.
 I love the bar how festive they get with the decorations. The place was packed then all of a sudden it was cleared out. There was a wedding going on there that we got to watch outside of the hotel room was very cute...there was also a high school reunion going on. After we ate it was back to the room for a few more drinks. We met up with our other friends as well..John Michael, Bob, Toni and her cousin David.
 When we got in the park the first thing we did was make a b line to the Log Ride. We ended up sneaking in some booze too so we were pretty happy.  This picture is funny of Josh and John Michael.
 On the log ride it was a Sleepy Hallow theme..Toni and her cousin sat in the front and Gabe and I in the back. Here was the headless horseman. My camera was not taking very good pictures this night.
 We hit up a few mazes after the Log Ride such as The underworld thing on the mine ride, The dollhouse, Terror in London..we wanted to go on Pony express but the line was too long so we headed to carnevil streets and went on the Day of the Dead 3 d maze
 Instant dorkiness with the 3 d glasses!
 Got kinda lost in this one for a moment.
 We stopped at the beer garden for a little bit ..
 Hmm what is going on here???
 Sang Happy Birthday to Josh!
 everyone was pretty buzzed by this time and everyone got split up some how..Gabe and I wanted to hurry and hit up the rest of the mazes since it was only a hour and a half til we followed Greg..he was leading the way walking with his stuffed animal thingy hanging out the back of his pants and waving his hands in the air..he was almost like marching..we went to Virus Z, then Corn stalkers...which after corn stalkers Greg said he and Maria were too drunk and now going to head back to the room but Gabe and I were not finished yet..we had more mazes that we needed to go to..
 Gabe and I went on some other camp snoopy maze ..I forget what it was called..another mutant underworld type maze and went to ghost town and went on this prison break maze then into delirium..we found by the ghost rider all the fortune teller tents..we were going to get our fortune read but was just too tired . We went walking around to see if we could find anyone else but it was just about closing time...there was this weird get up of half a woman's body that was eaten by what appears to be a pickle in a barrel..WTH?? As we were continuing to walk we heard this crashing sound and all this laughter and turn around to see this guy who apparently stumbled into one of the trash cans ..all we saw was some dude laying on the ground and it was Josh! LOL It was pretty funny..he did not remember it though.
We were so tired that we headed back to our hotel room for some sleep and relaxation. It's always nice to see our old Skeleton bell hop crew every year. Greg got a good pictures with all of us in front of it..wish I had it to post up. Anyway we are already looking forward to next year! We are going to be doing the Queen Mary Dark Harbor on the 15th so more fun to be had..I just love Halloween Time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I can see clearly now..

So it has been 2 years since my last eye doctor appointment and I finally went last week. I had to do something about getting some new lenses. My very expensive frames had broke a few months back and I been going without and I just could not take being without vision for anymore longer.

Luckily for me my doc said My eyes had not gotten worse nor have they magically gotten better.
I also did not get any bad check marks against my eye pressure which I usually do. This was the first time!

                                 I let my doctor know that I was wanting to do contacts this time around. So they measured my eyes and I was fitted for contacts. I also wanted them to fix my broken glasses instead of getting new frames. I mean Hell I paid a whole lotta money for those frames but I was quoted that they would be 130.00 to repair Because I had to order new arms and they only come in sets and they are swarovski jeweled yada yada .  So I just decided to go with my contacts for now.
Anyways I thought why not mix it up a bit and instead of being plain prescripted contacts add some color to them...So anyway instead of a light brown eyed lady I am now officially a Grey eyed lady (same color as in the photo).
The grey eyes go perfect with my jet blue black hair. I been noticing people really checking them out. I think they are a lot of fun and pretty subtle..nothing too drastic. It still is taking some use to putting these in every morning but I am sure sooner or later it will be a piece of cake.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Pirates Faire

This past Sunday Gabe and I took the kids over to the Pirates Faire in Long Beach. It is basically like a Renaissance faire but Pirates instead.

 There was all kinds or booths filled with stuff to buy. These Palm painting are kinda eerie yet I kinda like them! I seen them done before with Tiki's painted on them but never faces of Pirates!
 We stopped to watch the comedic Styling of this juggler. He was crass (just like a pirate) and had us busting up laughing
 He juggled the usual balls,knives and fire.
 I bought some fun rings at a booth there..Ava wanted to wear them all. I got this cool black metal spider with jewels on it and this cool one with a bird on a cluster of jewels. I bought Ava her own Pink Jeweled covered frog ring.
 This was a funny band. Just a bunch of starving pirates playing beat up instruments they found probably on curb sides.
 They had the accordion guy
 A guitar and bass
 There was a mandolin and this little piano that sounded like a toy and the drum set in the back was covered with spoons and cans and metal cups to a snare and toms ..pretty funny
 There were all kinds of little tents set up
 Lots of goodies to eat. The kids had corn dogs and cotton candy and lemonades...Ava first time really enjoying cotton candy!
 Belly Dancers!
 They had a bunch of different belly dancer troops
 Maybe this is something I should take looked fun!
 They had Captain Jack Sparrow hosting kid games
 All the kids got some treasure too from Captain Jack's treasure chest
 We walked around some more checking out the scene
 Crazy Pirate motorcycle.
 ARGHH get me out of this sunlight!
As we were leaving we saw the guy that does the parrot show parading outside. It was a great time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Carpet Premier...ABDUCTION

Last night some co workers and I got to go to Gruman's Chinese theater to see the Premier of Abduction starring Taylor Lautner. A thriller centered on a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

 We got the passes from work. It was Myself,Holly, Sean and Seans girlfriend Julia.
Our company helped with the product placement of the Aprilia Shiver that he rides in the movie. They really did a great job showcasing our bike. In the scenes of his bedroom they had a lot of aprilia posters in the background and even on his computer monitor. We even met a guy in the elevator we were having small talk with at the after party who said he wanted to buy that bike..The Aprilia..ofcourse we let him know where his local dealer was.

 When we walked up to the theater there was a MOB of people and screaming girls ( screaming at Taylor and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) ..they were telling people they had to step back..except for us we got right through the gates.

 We got in and on the counter tops at the concession stand were a bunch of sodas and bags of popcorn complimentary for the guests. Our seats were pretty good too.
 Bunch of people mingling int the theater aisles. There was some pretty fancy formal wear going on and the theater is just stunning. Small though.
 waiting and waiting for the movie to start. We got to talking to some peopleand  a lot of the people were from Lionsgate but there was these two girls in front of us and they were from Australia and they said that they were giving away passes on the streets to random people to see the movie so the girls  said they feel way under dressed in their flip flops and tennis shoes but they said they were not going to refuse.
 Hi Holly!
 They finally got everyone seated and before the movie the director John Singleton was speaking. He then introduced the actors. I wish I got better may need to click on them to see them bigger.
 Michael Nyqvist.. he was the main guy from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies
 Sigourney Weaver..She walked past us outside after the movie..she is SO TALL and very Chic
 and Taylor Lautner..I know bad picture. ofcourse a bunch of screaming girls were given passes to see the movie and when he was standing up they were screaming like CRAZY saying I LOVE U TAYLOR, MARRY ME TAYLOR..we were praying oh pleaseeeeee don't let them do this the whole time!
 Exiting the movie. I thought the movie was not so bad. It kept me entertained and I was totally into it but some parts it just skipped to fast by and the next thing you know you are asking the person next to you..Ok what just happened??
 We decided to hang out front for a little bit and check out the other actors. We saw Taylor Lautner being escorted out by  5 big giant body guards. He is soooo little and look like a VERY young kid. It is crazy cause in the Twilight movies playing Jacob he looks gigantic and even in this movie he looks pretty big..last night seeing him he just looked like some little young teenage guy ( well which he is practically) but it could have been all those security guards just making him look smaller.   Oh by the way look My feet are a perfect fit to Natalie woods!!
 Sean and Julia looking Dapper
 Sean's feet ..just about the same as Jacks
 Us gals..after this we headed out to the after party
 The after party was at Drais at the W hotel in Hollywood. WOW this place was amazing! Outside they had these cabanas filled with champagne and inside were the bars..which were open Full bars..COSMO PLEASE and make it snappy. The pool had ABDUCTION glowing from it and they also had the movie playing on the side of the building.
 There were appetizers being walked around, music playing, lots of people having a good time
 On the roof top!
 It was so packed I was afraid of accidentally falling in the pool
 So I will just sit right here..We were two cabanas away from Taylor
 I was wondering who was up in that private area?? At some point they had live music performing some of the tracks from the movie.
 You can kinda see the city in the background.
 Oh look who was by us! Recognize a familiar face in the mix? We wanted to go up and meet him but there was way too many people mobbing him plus it was late and it was time for us to go home since we all had to be at work bright and early.
What a beautiful hotel! See if we didn't have to work the next day I could have partied til dawn here. I mean OPEN BAR, Free Food, handsome men and lovely ladies..I really need to go to more parties like this..It really makes me miss when I used to help with marketing/entertainment/party planning field work. I really got to get back into that line of work. I miss the networking and of course the fun!