Friday, September 2, 2011

A Birthday at the Park!!

Our second Party for this past Saturday was in Rancho Palos Verdes at a beautiful park overlooking the ocean. The weather was so nice and breezy over there and was a much relief after having been in 105 degree weather was like night and day!

 Ava RAN immediately to the swing and Parker just...well...Ran...There was such a big green field that Parker asked if he could run to the other end of it..we said sure why not.
 The BBQ was going and so were the drinks. There was a nice ice chest full of beers and Smirnoff drinks but My favorite was the ice chest full of skinny Girl margaritas..I poured myself one. It was perfect. Once Vicki and Maria came we had a couple more. Check out these very cute sesame street cake pops!!
 and this very cute sesame street cake!!  One of Holly's friends made it.
 and a cute smash cake for Sofia of a Elmo head.
 While we socialized and ate Ava was busy playing in the sand with kids
 and Parker was busy climbing the trees with kids..
 Time to sing Happy Birthday!
 She did not want to smoosh Elmo's head
 So they let Elmo be
 afterwards Erik and Holly invited everyone to their place just a little ways down the road for some more drinks. we said we would come over for one. We drove with the convertible top down along the coast to see the sunset..the kids, Gabe and I just loved was the last little bit of sun going away.
 Parker being silly at The Agrussa's place
We sat and started a fire and played with the was really a perfect night for it. Maria has a new furry friend!
What a great day of party hopping!

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