Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding Treasure and moving to Lakewood

Today I took the day off to get started on my move to the city of Lakewood. Luckily it is just 8 miles away from where I live now in Long Beach. I took some items over to the new place and did more packing. I have to say there are soo many cool mid century style buildings in the Long Beach/Lakewood boarders by the Long Beach airport. One day I will have to take better pictures of all the architecture. I can't wait to start going on the hunt for some cool new places to hang out at.

This is the Holiday in by the Long Beach airport. This place has a awesome Bottomless Champagne Brunch on Sunday's at the very top. Gabe and I use to take our scooters there for brunch. We even went there a few times with friends at night for cocktails and watch the Jets take off and come in for landing.
I LOVE this googie building. It has always as long as I known been used as a car sales lot. For awhile it was vacant and a sale or lease sign was up on it. I was keeping my fingers crossed that some company would not buy it just to tear it down...luckily Cal Worthington bought it( maybe leased)
This is Lakewood Center. When you look up Old Lakewood center in the Mid Century Southern California books you will see this same building..back then it was May Co.
Cool little breakfast joint that I will have to check out. This is another building that has had a gazillion different business. I think this may be the 5th restaurant. Next door is a really cool looking bar called the Flight Room. I will have to see if the inside is as cool as the outside.
It is funny how when you are packing you come across treasures you forgot about. I found a cupboard that I usually store all my kitchen appliances and way far in the back was a BUNCH of dishes that were all wrapped up ...I found a TON of my Dish sets I almost forgot all about!
I Love this tea set!
I forgot how many awesome serving plates I have
I was rinsing them all off before re wrapping them up in paper
This one I love too.
These are the dishes I use now in my house but I completely forgot I had the little gravy boat and serving plates
and Bowls!!!!
My mom was over helping me pack and was complementing on all my great dishes!
Along with all my cool mid century dishes I found some great old China tea sets and a old pearl-esq china cake serving set. I Can't wait to have the gals over for Cheesecake so I can bust that great set out.
Now back to packing..I wonder what other long lost treasure I will find!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blast to the Past

So I was able to re store my old blog of all my memories and I could not be happier!
I am however going to keep blogging on this new blog and retire my old one since I am starting Anew.
Here is the link to my old blog if you want to know more about what I have experienced as a full time, aging hipster mom who still has to get away with the gals from time to time!

My weird Conspiracy Theory

I would have to say one thing about me is I am a really deep thinker. There are so many things that have come up in discussion and I get into such deep thought about it.

Now just note I am not the smartest person in the world and there must be perfectly good explanations and scientific proven facts and tests that may have been made but sometimes I like to dream up a good conspiracy theory to certain subjects. It is always a good conversation stimulator when you create one. I got a million of them.

For example...I was talking with some co workers the other day about health and some strange diseases phenomenas and we started talking about shows like House, Gray's anatomy,and er etc..
Then we got to talking about Autism, cancer, ADHD and vaccinations
Well one big topic with everyone now days is Autism and how it is on the rise and vaccinations are made to be a big reason. I know Vaccines are constantly changing and many people are opting out because of the live viruses, hormones , lead and such but could it be possible (here's my theory) that is could also be link to today's modern technologies??

I mean my idea of why this could be is because I think when I was younger in grade school I never met an autistic child. In grade school now the school have a large amount of Autistic children and it is such a HUGE epidemic. So in my day EVERYONE had to have vaccines to go to school yet me nor people who I have had the discussion never had a autistic classmate.

During my time growing up was when the Microwave was invented and cell phones and computers were first coming around. All these new modern technologies. Now days people are surrounded by new technologies...where many years ago the was not as much exposure.
Microwaves were a big part of the news when they came out about the little exposure to radiation that it exposes to people and how pregnant women should not be around them but it was claimed to be safe. You hear how people are saying cell phones will cause brain cancer which also was claimed to be bogus. If you really think about it though you are finding more and more people with genetic issues in today's' world. So why couldn't it be possible it could be partially linked to all the new techolgy waves that are constantly surrounding us?

Anyway I could go on and on and please don't take this too seriously. I am a pee on and I mainly just think about these because I obviously watch too many Sci-Fi movies and hey sometimes these funny little theories I get may make a great movie or Novel one day.

I will post more of my wacky conspiracy theories in the future so keep an eye out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facinating Dreams~~

My whole life I always had the strangest dreams. I never had very many nightmares and of the ones I did have only a couple have woken me up afraid but I find all my dreams pretty much fascinating.
I always thought that somehow there must be a connection with my real life experiences that translate into my dreams. I thought about this theory long and hard and back in the early 90's I began my dream journal. Every once in awhile I find it buried away somewhere in my house and as I was packing it come up again even though it resurfaced about a month ago. Everytime I come across it I like to read through it and it is amazing how just reading the dream that I had written down comes right back into mind like as if I had the dream only last night.

I did this for Months though trying to break the code of my dreams.
See the moon here on this side of the book. Well here is where at night before I go to bed I would write down what I did that day, My feelings toward certain situations and what I ate (I really think what you eat has a influence on the type of dreams you have)
When I would wake up I would flip the book and write in deep detail what my dream was. I would study it and try to find a connection between my reality and my subconscious mind..there were some connections I found.
During this time of my life I was young and dumb. I was trying to figure this game of love and lost. I made wrong choices but I was also a hard worker toward my goals in a career of veterinary medicine. I was always surrounded by my close friends and a lot of the dreams I had all related to my life. I guess this is normal though. If you have something that is always on your mind and have a same routine your gonna have dreams that speak to you in the same way.
I love dreaming though. I feel like I am living another life. It takes me on so many adventures and I really feel like I am experiencing new things. I hope this does not make me insane.
Sometimes I think about starting up another fun journal like this. I always had a blast writing in it and now get more of a kick when reading it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kids room Idea + mental Therapy??

I cannot begin to tell you how painful it has been for me to move. I own way to much stuff.. it makes it so hard to move and working full time and then when I am home my husband working it has been a nightmare to get anything done.

I swear it is going to come down to the last minute and everything is just going to get thrown into boxes and sorted out later when we Unpack.
Anyway one thing I am excited about is decorating the kids room. I have an idea for Ava's room to give it a 1960's appeal. I been trying to collect ideas here and there that I want to do.
For awhile I been collecting old Little Golden books and I thought I would have a small bookshelf just filled with these.
I also have a old Fisher Price Children's record player. I thought how cute it would be to have a small record table set up with maybe some small 45 records decorated on the wall and a shelf filled with these fun read along record and books for her to play. I have a huge collecting of these two and some really cute 60's 45 boxes of all sorts of colors.
I have all kinds of old pictures to hang too. I have some retro black velvet cartoon framed pictures and I also have some Keene ones to of the little groovy 60's boy and girl maybe I can hang up.
I have this fun cat clock I can also hang in her room
I also have a collection of old dolls and stuffed animals I will display for her as well. (these are not the dolls but I wish they were)
I love this look of the different pillows. I am going to be going on the hunt for old vintage embroidered pillows to add on her bed.
I saw this with the canopy and I still have her baby one just like this one that I thought..hmmm maybe I will keep it. I was going to sell it on craigslist.
I love the shelves. That is another thing I want to do is have her room full of my vintage Fisher Price Little people play sets and other misc fisher price toys displayed.
Now I am going to let Parker decide how he wants to decorate his room. If it were up to me it would be like this.
I friggen Love this quilt! I think he maybe going more for the Tony Hawk look though.
Oh I can't wait for this move! I think I will be so much more at ease with myself and maybe a little more bearable to be around. I just been so moody!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Day Of School

I think one of the best days growing up was the last day of school..ok wait I lie it is the first day of Summer break! Today is going to be Parker's Best day!

Yesterday was the last day of school and after school they had a Luau for the kids. Includes fun and games, a dj and snacks and a final farewell to friends.

it was even more so bittersweet since a lot of Parker's classmates were buddies he has known since kindergarten now he is moving away.

This is Parker and one of his classmates with his teacher Mr. Keene. Or what I like to call Mr. Clean..he always talks about great hygiene and constantly has the kids using their hand sanitizer.
The DJ. ...ever wonder what could a DJ possibly play for a group of children at the highest age of being like 12??? I will tell you..OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP JAMS..yep that is right he had some Tone Loc, Kid and Play, Young MC, BEL BIV DEVOE, and add in a little James brown and Tierra..I tell you what..I almost felt like it was My last day of school 1990

Gabe said this little girl always comes running up to see Ava when Gabe goes to collect Parker from school
This is like Parker best friend at school Benjamin. Gabe made sure to get his number from his mom so he can come out and visit Parker over the summertime.
Ahh yes ...nothing screams after school playground than a snow cone..well maybe Big Sticks or cheese popcorn
Well That is it..last year at Mann elementary. I can only imagine what my apartment is going to look like when I come home from work today..hmm let's see...A BIG OLD MESS complete with 8 boys sitting around the video game system.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here we go again

Well this morning I had the very rude awakening of going to my blog only to find that it was hacked and had been removed. For 3 years I blogged about all the ventures I had with me , my kids, my husband, my in laws, my family and my friends..all gone. I blogged through out the years of holidays, outings, new milestones for the kids and the birth of my second child. It saddens me that all the stories of the past 3 years of my life have been wiped clean but fortunately I have every picture that was posted. I guess this is just the push to get me back to scrap booking those memories.
So to old and new blog followers let me flashback a bit on what's been going on in my life.

I have been married now since 2003. I been with my husband almost 3 years before we decided to get married. We met through mutual friends that were all part of the "LA MOD" scene. He rode a vintage Lambretta scooter and we spent a lot of time together going to scooter rallies, night clubs dancing, swank cocktail parties and other usual dating stuff such as movies,restaurants etc.

We love to eat and try to dine out at new places as much as we can and love wine tasting. He loves Music,Surfing,Skateboarding,scooter riding, sports and MOD culture. I love all things Mid Century, dancing, music, Old Las Vegas, Cocktailing, and being out and about. It's hard for us to have the same lifestyle with children but we still try and make it out back into the scene when we can. Oh and one HUGE thing about us we are both Collectors especially of old vintage toys!

We have two children. Parker age 9 and Ava going on 2 this August.

All our lives as a couple and a small family we have lived in tiny apartments and in a mere two weeks will be moving into our first actual HOUSE. I guess with this new blog and our new location will equal new adventures to blog about.

I usually update my blog everyday so stay tuned..