Monday, June 21, 2010

Kids room Idea + mental Therapy??

I cannot begin to tell you how painful it has been for me to move. I own way to much stuff.. it makes it so hard to move and working full time and then when I am home my husband working it has been a nightmare to get anything done.

I swear it is going to come down to the last minute and everything is just going to get thrown into boxes and sorted out later when we Unpack.
Anyway one thing I am excited about is decorating the kids room. I have an idea for Ava's room to give it a 1960's appeal. I been trying to collect ideas here and there that I want to do.
For awhile I been collecting old Little Golden books and I thought I would have a small bookshelf just filled with these.
I also have a old Fisher Price Children's record player. I thought how cute it would be to have a small record table set up with maybe some small 45 records decorated on the wall and a shelf filled with these fun read along record and books for her to play. I have a huge collecting of these two and some really cute 60's 45 boxes of all sorts of colors.
I have all kinds of old pictures to hang too. I have some retro black velvet cartoon framed pictures and I also have some Keene ones to of the little groovy 60's boy and girl maybe I can hang up.
I have this fun cat clock I can also hang in her room
I also have a collection of old dolls and stuffed animals I will display for her as well. (these are not the dolls but I wish they were)
I love this look of the different pillows. I am going to be going on the hunt for old vintage embroidered pillows to add on her bed.
I saw this with the canopy and I still have her baby one just like this one that I thought..hmmm maybe I will keep it. I was going to sell it on craigslist.
I love the shelves. That is another thing I want to do is have her room full of my vintage Fisher Price Little people play sets and other misc fisher price toys displayed.
Now I am going to let Parker decide how he wants to decorate his room. If it were up to me it would be like this.
I friggen Love this quilt! I think he maybe going more for the Tony Hawk look though.
Oh I can't wait for this move! I think I will be so much more at ease with myself and maybe a little more bearable to be around. I just been so moody!

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