Thursday, June 24, 2010

My weird Conspiracy Theory

I would have to say one thing about me is I am a really deep thinker. There are so many things that have come up in discussion and I get into such deep thought about it.

Now just note I am not the smartest person in the world and there must be perfectly good explanations and scientific proven facts and tests that may have been made but sometimes I like to dream up a good conspiracy theory to certain subjects. It is always a good conversation stimulator when you create one. I got a million of them.

For example...I was talking with some co workers the other day about health and some strange diseases phenomenas and we started talking about shows like House, Gray's anatomy,and er etc..
Then we got to talking about Autism, cancer, ADHD and vaccinations
Well one big topic with everyone now days is Autism and how it is on the rise and vaccinations are made to be a big reason. I know Vaccines are constantly changing and many people are opting out because of the live viruses, hormones , lead and such but could it be possible (here's my theory) that is could also be link to today's modern technologies??

I mean my idea of why this could be is because I think when I was younger in grade school I never met an autistic child. In grade school now the school have a large amount of Autistic children and it is such a HUGE epidemic. So in my day EVERYONE had to have vaccines to go to school yet me nor people who I have had the discussion never had a autistic classmate.

During my time growing up was when the Microwave was invented and cell phones and computers were first coming around. All these new modern technologies. Now days people are surrounded by new technologies...where many years ago the was not as much exposure.
Microwaves were a big part of the news when they came out about the little exposure to radiation that it exposes to people and how pregnant women should not be around them but it was claimed to be safe. You hear how people are saying cell phones will cause brain cancer which also was claimed to be bogus. If you really think about it though you are finding more and more people with genetic issues in today's' world. So why couldn't it be possible it could be partially linked to all the new techolgy waves that are constantly surrounding us?

Anyway I could go on and on and please don't take this too seriously. I am a pee on and I mainly just think about these because I obviously watch too many Sci-Fi movies and hey sometimes these funny little theories I get may make a great movie or Novel one day.

I will post more of my wacky conspiracy theories in the future so keep an eye out.

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