Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facinating Dreams~~

My whole life I always had the strangest dreams. I never had very many nightmares and of the ones I did have only a couple have woken me up afraid but I find all my dreams pretty much fascinating.
I always thought that somehow there must be a connection with my real life experiences that translate into my dreams. I thought about this theory long and hard and back in the early 90's I began my dream journal. Every once in awhile I find it buried away somewhere in my house and as I was packing it come up again even though it resurfaced about a month ago. Everytime I come across it I like to read through it and it is amazing how just reading the dream that I had written down comes right back into mind like as if I had the dream only last night.

I did this for Months though trying to break the code of my dreams.
See the moon here on this side of the book. Well here is where at night before I go to bed I would write down what I did that day, My feelings toward certain situations and what I ate (I really think what you eat has a influence on the type of dreams you have)
When I would wake up I would flip the book and write in deep detail what my dream was. I would study it and try to find a connection between my reality and my subconscious mind..there were some connections I found.
During this time of my life I was young and dumb. I was trying to figure this game of love and lost. I made wrong choices but I was also a hard worker toward my goals in a career of veterinary medicine. I was always surrounded by my close friends and a lot of the dreams I had all related to my life. I guess this is normal though. If you have something that is always on your mind and have a same routine your gonna have dreams that speak to you in the same way.
I love dreaming though. I feel like I am living another life. It takes me on so many adventures and I really feel like I am experiencing new things. I hope this does not make me insane.
Sometimes I think about starting up another fun journal like this. I always had a blast writing in it and now get more of a kick when reading it!


Midcenturymadam said...

No, you're not insane. I think it's a cool idea to write your dreams down.

Midcenturymadam said...

P.S. I love the photo in your header. Is that you or someone you know?

Iris said...

No the awesome picture in my header is from a email that I receieved a while back ago from a co worker of mine that was titled Unfairytale endings. It was all the disney princesses and their not so happy endings.