Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding Treasure and moving to Lakewood

Today I took the day off to get started on my move to the city of Lakewood. Luckily it is just 8 miles away from where I live now in Long Beach. I took some items over to the new place and did more packing. I have to say there are soo many cool mid century style buildings in the Long Beach/Lakewood boarders by the Long Beach airport. One day I will have to take better pictures of all the architecture. I can't wait to start going on the hunt for some cool new places to hang out at.

This is the Holiday in by the Long Beach airport. This place has a awesome Bottomless Champagne Brunch on Sunday's at the very top. Gabe and I use to take our scooters there for brunch. We even went there a few times with friends at night for cocktails and watch the Jets take off and come in for landing.
I LOVE this googie building. It has always as long as I known been used as a car sales lot. For awhile it was vacant and a sale or lease sign was up on it. I was keeping my fingers crossed that some company would not buy it just to tear it down...luckily Cal Worthington bought it( maybe leased)
This is Lakewood Center. When you look up Old Lakewood center in the Mid Century Southern California books you will see this same building..back then it was May Co.
Cool little breakfast joint that I will have to check out. This is another building that has had a gazillion different business. I think this may be the 5th restaurant. Next door is a really cool looking bar called the Flight Room. I will have to see if the inside is as cool as the outside.
It is funny how when you are packing you come across treasures you forgot about. I found a cupboard that I usually store all my kitchen appliances and way far in the back was a BUNCH of dishes that were all wrapped up ...I found a TON of my Dish sets I almost forgot all about!
I Love this tea set!
I forgot how many awesome serving plates I have
I was rinsing them all off before re wrapping them up in paper
This one I love too.
These are the dishes I use now in my house but I completely forgot I had the little gravy boat and serving plates
and Bowls!!!!
My mom was over helping me pack and was complementing on all my great dishes!
Along with all my cool mid century dishes I found some great old China tea sets and a old pearl-esq china cake serving set. I Can't wait to have the gals over for Cheesecake so I can bust that great set out.
Now back to packing..I wonder what other long lost treasure I will find!

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Thelma said...

those plates are extremely awesome! It's amazing what you find when you pack stuff!