Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Day Of School

I think one of the best days growing up was the last day of school..ok wait I lie it is the first day of Summer break! Today is going to be Parker's Best day!

Yesterday was the last day of school and after school they had a Luau for the kids. Includes fun and games, a dj and snacks and a final farewell to friends.

it was even more so bittersweet since a lot of Parker's classmates were buddies he has known since kindergarten now he is moving away.

This is Parker and one of his classmates with his teacher Mr. Keene. Or what I like to call Mr. Clean..he always talks about great hygiene and constantly has the kids using their hand sanitizer.
The DJ. ...ever wonder what could a DJ possibly play for a group of children at the highest age of being like 12??? I will tell you..OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP JAMS..yep that is right he had some Tone Loc, Kid and Play, Young MC, BEL BIV DEVOE, and add in a little James brown and Tierra..I tell you what..I almost felt like it was My last day of school 1990

Gabe said this little girl always comes running up to see Ava when Gabe goes to collect Parker from school
This is like Parker best friend at school Benjamin. Gabe made sure to get his number from his mom so he can come out and visit Parker over the summertime.
Ahh yes ...nothing screams after school playground than a snow cone..well maybe Big Sticks or cheese popcorn
Well That is it..last year at Mann elementary. I can only imagine what my apartment is going to look like when I come home from work today..hmm let's see...A BIG OLD MESS complete with 8 boys sitting around the video game system.

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Thelma said...

Oh that's too funny! Reminds me of our last days of school! I don't think we ever had a D.J. though!
Well time for Parker to start a new life at a new school with new friends! Hopefully he can keep in touch with his best friends.