Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegas at Last

We arrived to Vegas at 11am and Josh and Vickie were so kind to pick us up. I tell ya though..the Vegas airport is a bit confusing and the flight itself to Vegas scared me completely. It was a pretty rocky flight cause the minute you are up in the air at the highest altitude and make a few turns you are already descending and getting ready to land but I can tolerate 30 minutes of terror instead of that long drive to Vegas and Back.
We were ready to start the vacation with brunch at our favorite The Peppermill
Bloody Mary's! After lunch we headed to the Gold Coast to pick up some booze for our room and went to the room and had a quick cocktail of Ice tea Vodka with lemonade. It was fantastic. Vicki and I were then off to the Golden Nugget spa where I had a facial, manicure and massage. Of course I took no pictures in the spa. I spent a few hours there just relaxing..It was so Divine!
Once Vicki and I got dressed we met up with our husbands who took advantage of the pool and rally stuff while we were at the spa. We met them downtown at The Griffen Lounge.
I was fresh out of the spa so no make up for me...We had some really good lemon drops at this bar and met up with the hubby's and Mike Burns and Paula and Loryn came to meet up with us as well. Josh was on the mission to make it a super weekend looking for all the great deals..first deal we decided to do was Steak and Lobster dinner at Tony Roma's for 11.99.
We were so buzzed by this point the dinner did not seem bad at all but was not great as you can see by the photo.
We wandered around Fremont street.
This was the KISS experience.
Then at the end of the Strip was this Awful band and they were doing some 80's stuff...reminded me of the wedding singer. There was a bunch of Las Vegas Meth head locals hanging out and dancing to the band..they were quite interesting to watch dance.
We left this crazy stage act and headed back to the room to go to bed. It was already like 2am and we did not want to over due our Vegas Vacation right away

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ride em Cowboy YEE HAWWWW

Well the beginning of the day we started out venturing out to the Long Beach Antique and collectible swap meet where we scored on so many great items! Lucky for us we were able to get a babysitter for the afternoon and early evening. So off we went to our friend Tommy's 30th Birthday. It was a western theme.
The Birthday boy on the far left of the photos and Gabe right after taking a shot of tequila.
They had a mechanical bull so really all the photos I took were of bull riding...I did not go on it though...Julianna (boxer's wife) lasted a long time on the bull ..I give her mad props.

Mark did not last too long
Gabe and John enjoying some beers...I was drank 3 orange sherbet punches with sailor Jerry..very tasty I must add...

Adrian ( my favorite pastry chef) taking the bull by the horns...she rocked!!!

The birthday boy!!

I don't know where this Blond mullet wig came from...looked like a Val Kilmer reject from Tombstone...tooo funny
Gabe finally braved the bull Lasted 5 seconds....
Here goes Sluggo...he had a good ride...
We ended the evening with cocktails, fire pit, music, laughs and lots of food and had a pleasant exit watching the birthday boy kick some guys butt out the front door for urinating in his bedroom...That was one Bash for coming home at 8:45 pm....See it is possible to be home from a rager party before 9pm!..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Celebrate with Chuckie

Today was a pretty fun filled day. It started off with a late morning celebration at Chuck E Cheese for Alexis and Logan's 3rd birthday.
Ava was so hyper at home in the morning trying to get her ready for the party but once she got to the pizza parlor she froze up..I think everything was super overwhelming for her.
They had a camera that the kids can play with and be filmed in front of. They were showing some Gabba Gabba stuff. Ava did not know what to do but stay still She was a little short you can see on the screen all you could see was her head. She soon though was dancing in front of it with the other kids.
Time to sit down ..someone looks like they need a nap.
Logan was looking all over the place too
Alexis really enjoyed her pizza
Time to get everyone together to sing happy birthday and celebrate
Prepping the twins for the big party
My brother's girlfriend Jess made this red velvet cake. One side was strawberry frosting and the other was vanilla and in the middle was marshmallow. It was very yummy!
Alexis was not very sure of chuck E
Mr. Cheese

All Logan cared about was getting his hands into that cake.
Parker was not really to into chuck e...I guess he is too old now.
Ava was looking at Chuck E like WT heck??????
Blow out the candles!!
Logan played with chuckie and tickets were being thrown in the air like confetti..we grabbed a bunch!
Time to play..Ava got to ride on a lot of the rides..such as the car ride
She even got to ride around with Stuart Little.
She didn't know at first about this horse racing game. It is a bit aggressive but you will soon see that she loved it.
Since Alexis and Logan are too little and probably to afraid for the ticket wind tube Parker got to do it.
It was SO Funny to Watch!
He got to go on it Twice and Jess even said he could keep all the tickets he got. At the end of the day he had almost 900 tickets.
Alexis was out playing. Logan opening his gift from us.
Ava got to climb around in the Gym too.
She played some games and Parker played lots of games and more rides.
She went on this horse about 5 times.
We had one last coin so we let the two share it by riding the simulating jet pack flying ride.
They were loving it!. After the party we headed to my tailor to drop off some dresses and then met up with Alex and Jess for a couple hours of continued fun at Knott's. Now to end my evening with a bottle of pink Champagne with my husband, some Chinese food and a movie.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rocking the Night away...

It seems like each night when I am home from work Ava has one favourite choice of toy for the evening. Well the other night it was her rocking horse.

She really goes to town rocking back and forth
This horse is too big for her..her feet don't fit the stirrups yet.
She just holds on tight and away she goes...
Loves her horsey!
As soon as I can I think I am going to sign her up for riding lessons.