Thursday, February 3, 2011

JetBlue..The Modern Way to Fly

So I have to say I was in complete AW with the Jet blue Terminal at JFK Airport. It was so modern with amazing little bars and restaurants everywhere!
I just loved the look of restaurant...very Mid Century , space agey appeal to it.
Love this archway entrance to the bar inside. I really wish I could have relaxed there and had a drink but my traveling buddy was not feeling it.
I swear even this little fast food joint had the most amazing Tile work! Star bursts and Diamonds...YES PLEASE!
Then the awesome colorful seats to lounge at by the window as you watch the jetsetters from all over the world take off to their next destination...a real treat!
Anyway..I did not have a chance to buy souvenirs in the city but there was a cool little gift shop at the airport and I I really need to buy the kids toys or trinkets..I will get them something they would really I bought these cookies. A statue of liberty sugar cookie for parker and a Big Apple New York cookie for Ava..and if your a Seinfeld fan like my husband I bought him a authentic New York Black and White cookie!
Well that is it for NY Pictures...Hope you enjoyed..Oh well I do have Queens photos but all it is is miles of brown stones..nothing exciting.


Thelma said...

Jet Blue seems the way to go! Especially the convience leaving out of LB! Very cool decor too!

Julia said...

So cute! I want to go hang out here! I guess that means I'll have to make it to New York someday.