Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Love Dessert

One of the things I love to do when I am bored of watching tv at home while the kids play with their toys or games is make desserts. We have stuck with the tradition of having dessert after dinner so it is kind of expected by everyone in the family (hubby and Kids) that when all your dinner is done you HAVE to have dessert.
I usually have a cupboard full of cake mixes,brownie mixes, cookie doughs, coffee cakes..anything quick and easy. I think though that I want to start making my own desserts by scratch and after my last few boxes of cake mixes are gone and I have my cake decorating kit and rolling pin..I am going to venture in creativity with desserts.
Last week Thelma brought me a couple boxes full of vintage stuff and in the boxes were these cool little Pyrex dessert cups and some really awesome Pyrex glass Pie crust pans ( I CAN WAIT TO MAKE MY OWN PIES)
In my goodie shelf I had a box of Vanilla pudding I bought at trader joes and thought this is the perfect time to use my dessert cups! I of course added sprinkles on the pudding for the kids.
Ava had a big smile
It was a pretty large portion for her size luckily milk is the main ingredient!
She ate almost all of it..
Maybe next time I will make butterscotch pudding.


Thelma said...

Awesome! I just LOVE pudding! Glad the custard cups came in handy! Mmmm yeah make some butterscotch puddn'! YUM!

John and Kirsten said...

Its funny how we are so often on the same track and three thousand miles away! I am doing the exact same thing with my mixes. I have a recipe for the most amazing yellow cake and have now almost perfected my butter cream and food I am pretty must not going back to box! I can't get over how big Ava is getting!