Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ride em Cowboy YEE HAWWWW

Well the beginning of the day we started out venturing out to the Long Beach Antique and collectible swap meet where we scored on so many great items! Lucky for us we were able to get a babysitter for the afternoon and early evening. So off we went to our friend Tommy's 30th Birthday. It was a western theme.
The Birthday boy on the far left of the photos and Gabe right after taking a shot of tequila.
They had a mechanical bull so really all the photos I took were of bull riding...I did not go on it though...Julianna (boxer's wife) lasted a long time on the bull ..I give her mad props.

Mark did not last too long
Gabe and John enjoying some beers...I was drank 3 orange sherbet punches with sailor Jerry..very tasty I must add...

Adrian ( my favorite pastry chef) taking the bull by the horns...she rocked!!!

The birthday boy!!

I don't know where this Blond mullet wig came from...looked like a Val Kilmer reject from Tombstone...tooo funny
Gabe finally braved the bull Lasted 5 seconds....
Here goes Sluggo...he had a good ride...
We ended the evening with cocktails, fire pit, music, laughs and lots of food and had a pleasant exit watching the birthday boy kick some guys butt out the front door for urinating in his bedroom...That was one Bash for coming home at 8:45 pm....See it is possible to be home from a rager party before 9pm!..


Thelma said...

OMG! what a great party theme! Awesome that they had a mechanical bull!

John and Kirsten said...

What a great party theme! Iam wondering why you didn't give it a whirl! You are so adventurous!