Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Early Valentine's

So Gabe and I knew that we had to do a little valentine's Day celebrating while we were in San Francisco especially since he was working On Valentine's and it's our sons birthday. One of the mornings we decided to go to Fisherman's Wharf.
It was way early in the morning and it was very cold. I could not get a very good shot of Alcatraz because of that Marine layer.
Of course the crisp air smelled of sea
We considered on riding the old cable cars but we were on a tight time schedule.

I guess pictures next to the cable car will have to do.

Love them trolleys!
The streets smelled like fresh crab
It was hard to choose where we would have our Valentine's day brunch
We walked all over the wharf

The smell of the crispy fresh cooked crab cakes we could not resist and let me just say it was the best crab cake I ever had.
So many little seafood nooks
UM YEAHHH....I think you missed a spot
I swear all the fish grotto's' from 1 to 9 were lined up on one street!
mmm Crab...We ended up having a cucumber bloody Mary before choosing our restaurant and the lucky winner for us was Cioppino's.

We did a little wine tasting. I had red and Gabe had white...but we shared.
All were very tasty of my favorite things! This was pretty darn good.

Gabe and I decided to Share a huge bowl of the Cioppino since it was rated by Mario Batelli ( one of the Iron Chef's) as the best Cioppino you can find! Not cheap though.
It was all full of crab meat,mussels,clams,fish,shrimp and tons of sauce. I am not the hugest fan of seafood so I did not eat too much of it like Gabe did.
Gabe was going to town on the cioppino..he needed a bib..
Having a wine break
after our very nice brunch it was time for a little bit of dessert or more like just a little sweet treat so off to Ghiradelli Square
Yum..we got samples of the Carmel filled chocolate squares soo good..I was really tempted to buy the big bag of mixed chocolates for 24.95 but I resisted.
We decided to share (cause it was so cold outside) a Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate. Oh man is what so amazing!!
Some of the marine layer finally went away so we got this better shot of Alcatraz

One last photo before we hit the road
I was freaking out on this HUGE hill. It felt like the car was going to flip backwards the hill was so steep. How do people live on big steep hills like this? It was pretty funny Gabe and I were both yelling out OMG WOOOOOO going up the was really quite scary. Then we started saying how can people walk that hill, or how do they ride a bike or skateboard on it.
We thought we would do a quick drive by of haight ashbury..I really wish we could have stopped and toured around a little bit.
Hello and Goodbye....Well that concludes our weekend in SF!. We can't wait to bring the kids with us next time too. We are planning on going back really soon. I really forgot how much I love this city!

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Thelma said...

Great pictures! man I LOVE San Francisco! There's so much to see and do there!