Monday, February 14, 2011

A wedding in San Francisco

So our journey to San Francisco was completely and utterly awesome!
We left about 6:30 am to get the rental car, Then parked my car at my work and then dropped Parker off with his cousins and finally headed on the highway at 8am.
The drive was long yet it was beautiful and had me daydreaming about all kinds of things as I watched out the window for several hours

We arrived to San Francisco at 2pm..made good time

Over bridges and through Tunnels

I always get SO nervous on this bridge...or any bridge for that matter ( mind the nasty windshield..our car was covered in bug juice..we must have nailed a few dozen bees)

The West Coasts Big City..I swear SF reminds me of NY..except I think I may like SF better..sorry New York.

So many cool signs in the city

tons of old building ...the weather was PERFECT

Our hotel was right smack dab in the middle of the city..After we checked in we unpacked and immediately got ready for the wedding but first to meet up with our friends from Portland who were also down for the wedding for cocktails

Gabe and I went to a bar called Swigs...Effin lemon drop Martini..5 bucks..oh and I was shaking cause I was SO hungry so Gabe got a couple slices of cheese Pizza to help soak up the booze..Pizza and Martini's!

I loved how my tights sparkled with my shoes..a great match!

Cheers~ After our drink at Swig's we walked next door to Hotel Monaco where all the wedding party and guests were staying. We decided to meet up with everyone there to have another rounds of drinks while we waited for the Magic bus to take us to the church. The groom having a scotch with his groomsmen!

Gabe and our pal Drew from Portland!

My gal pal Dana from Portland and myself enjoying a drinky.

The magic bus showed up. Let me just say what a wonderful fun and unique idea. The wedding couple booked a colorful Magic bus that would pick up all the guests from the hotel and transport them to the church and then after the church it would pick us all up and take us to the reception. It had to make a few trips to get everyone but every time you see it there was a Huge billowing cloud of Bubbles that followed it and decorated the streets.

So when you get inside you sit facing the windows and while we were moving these Screens came dropping down covering the windows and then had this projection welcoming you to Vanessa and Glens wedding.

Then a very cool muppets video played of Kermit and Piggy's wedding It was so amazingly adorable. It was singing the song Somebody's getting married today!!

Little blurry..once the video was over the shades over the windows went up and bam we were at the church. Our bus ride up was really special too cause the bride and her bridesmaids and mother were on board with us so it was great to see her face as this cute movie clip played.

The church was so lovely.

Getting seated. A nice touch is all the women in the church were handed a nice little embroidered crying handkerchief.

I love the peacock touch.

This organ was crazy big. A few of us were jokingly talking about how many requests have they got for some Iron Butterfly. He was playing the Here comes the bride

And there she is beautiful!!

and her man and very closest friends up front

reciting their vows

and the Rings

You may Kiss the Bride!!

YAY!! Congrats Glen and Vanessa..Gabe and I admit we shed a few tears it was so touching and beautiful!


Thelma said...

Wow what a pretty wedding! The peacocks were a nice touch! I really liked your glittery stockings!

John and Kirsten said...

It looks like a really lovely venue! I love weddings its been a while since I have been to one!