Monday, February 14, 2011

The Great Reception

After the wedding ceremony a group of us lined up outside to head over to San Francisco's Great American Music Hall where the reception was going to be held. Back on the magic bus the shades went down and we went on a psychedelic journey with music and a quick documentary about the Beat generation and music in SF. It was really cool ..then all of a sudden at the end of the trip we were right out front.
Our table was on the balcony. It was such a gorgeous venue. All the red hues were so dreamy! The wedding party table down below. We were greeted with trays of martini's and stuffed mushrooms and little glass shots of a truffle oil carrot puree soup. The bar was all hosted and boy did we feel it..I was loving the perfectly hand crated lemon drop martini's!
UGH..bloated ... Us gals after several cocktails!
They had a really cool photo booth for people to take pictures in. Us gals took some funny photos and then of course Gabe and I. He said we should have used some of the props in the photos and I was like Yeah there already is one..My lemon drop Martini!
Gabe and Drew having cocktails
Paula and I.
A few friends along the way
We waited a long time for the bride and Groom to come. I don't think we actually sat down and ate til about 10pm! Some people were so hungry they were grabbing the cakes that were on each table and eating them.
The first dance!
Bad picture of my food...The dinner was a 5 course..we started with the passed around apps, then a salad, then a pallet cleanser( Spoonful of a lemon Sorbet), then I had a really smoky flavored steak with mashed potatoes that had bacon in them ( SO GOOD) and some carrots..and then came the wedding cake. Lots of wine too at the tables!
After dinner we watched from above everything was so lovely.
Love the Marquee
Time to Cut a rug..and that is what we did..completed the night dancing away..started off by the bride and family dance
They did not have just one wedding cake they had a TON of little mini cakes on each table and then the desserts were all moved to one table.
I think the raspberry tiramisu was my fave!
The bride went to change into her reception dress
It was late and they had a complimentary town car service to drive guests back to the hotel so we decided to leave with Drew and Dana back to the hotel..but I had to pull my highly intoxicated husband off the dance floor. We then decided to have the driver drop us off only half way to our hotel so we could walk the happening streets of San Francisco and watch the crowds..there were people everywhere. When we got to our hotel we passed out solid. It was a FANTASTIC evening!

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Thelma said...

What a beautiful reception! You guys look fantastic! The cakes and drinks look divine!