Friday, December 30, 2011

The Presents are Unwrapped

I didn't really take any pictures on Christmas because I was busy cooking in the kitchen. This year we did a brunch rather than a dinner so the family could all get together earlier so the kids would not have to wait so long to open presents.
I made my very first Scones and devonshire cream and Lemon curd just like they do at the tea rooms and they came out SO good. I cannot make them again.

 I tried to get some pictures on my phone briefly of the kids opening presents..Logan was tearing right through his gifts he was having a BLAST opening presents..
 Ava opened up one and then wanted to have that box open so she could play with it and then she didn't want to open any more presents..she finally opened the last of her presents after everyone was done.
 It was nice to have the twins there and watching their excitement
 My brother had Lexi sit on his lap to help open gifts
 I think after everyone opened their gifts the kids had more fun Swimming in the wrapping paper then the gifts.
Ava made out with some good gifts she got clothes, Barbie swim pool, Squinkies, a Mobigo and video games to go with it, a big stuffed animal dragon (which she adores), a singing mickey mouse toy, a porcelain tea set, a box of dinosaurs (her fave) , 4 play sets of mini houses with little mini people,  Yo Gabba Gabba Books
Parker made out with Video Games, Football, New Bike, Clothes, A few Huge Lego Playsets, and some other stuff..I can't really remember now...

I myself got a NEW RECORD PLAYER WOO HOO, Jewelry, A cd Boombox, a NEW flat Screen HD TV, Gift Certs and Cash..not too shabby

Oh and really there are kids under there...the proof is in the video below..

The rest of the evening My brother and His Girlfriend Stayed the night cause we all been drinki9ng all throughout the day..we watched Bridesmaids with my parents and after they left My brother and I and Gabe and Jessica drank some poor and played board games and watched a movie..I think I finally had to go to sleep at 1:30 - 2am in the morning...I spent my Monday relaxing at home and enjoying my day off!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Christmas Party and Christmas Eve

Last Friday was the start of my long 4 day weekend (it's never long enough) ..I spent the day finishing up my Christmas Shopping and baking cookies for the small get together we were headed off to that evening. We actually had a few parties to attend that we were going to try and squeeze them all in HOWEVER there was no babysitter for us so luckily our friends Josh and Vickie said we could bring our kids to the get together so at least we were able to make it to one event.

I made a tray of baked good which consisted of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies- I need to find a new recipe ..I used the one on the oatmeal box..MEH ..too doughy for me

 I also made by scratch Peanut Butter Cookies, Brownie bites that had melted marshmallow and dark chocolate chips melted in the batter, Sugar cookies with a hand made royal vanilla peppermint icing and crushed SOFT peppermint on top (not as strong as candy cane). I was going to make some MULLED Spice wine as well but I was told that there was already going to be Sangria at the party so I opted out...I guess I can always make some Spice Mulled Wine for a cold winter night.
 Greg and Maria brought a very cool Astro Weenie Tree!
 I love how the tiki played a festive role to the deco
 I didn't really take any pictures cause I was having too much fun drinking,eating and mingling..Ava slept the first part of the evening (notice the bed head) but was up and at it and being pretty well was Parker. I love when my kids are good.
 Christmas eve was very mellow. Gabe had to work so I spent really most of my night wrapping dad came by a few times to drop off gifts for the tree and later on my brother and his girlfriend came to stay the night and put their presents under the tree as well. We just hung around for a while and watched SNL Skits...we were busting up about this SNL Opening Monologue all that evening...with Steve Buscemi
My little Foster Dog Vixen was laying down watching ym wrap presents..She has been adopted by the way and will be going home this coming Monday!! I am so glad it was our friends that had adopted I can watch her grow up!
As I wrapped Presents and took a break to rest my aching back Ava was playing with the gift tags singing we wish you a Merry ever she played a bit of the broken record Mode..see for yourself..

A Fab 50's Christmas Cocktail party!!

I just love going to holiday parties and I would have went to so many more but these are some of the sacrifices you make when you are no longer single and kid more every weekend partying. We still manage to find the time to make as many as we can though. Luckily a few of the parties we were able to bring our kids..this one however was a nice Adults only party where I was so lucky to have a sitter so we could attend.
I just LOVE fun and creative apps! As soon as we walked through the front door there was a very lovely catered display of apps ...I ofcourse had to dive right in. These were tomato and roasted pepper bisque with a skewered triangle of grilled cheese on top...So delish I must have had like 5..I was so tempted to say.. just pour me a bowl and give me a whole sandwich.
 OOO and than there were these lovely shrimps with some sort of lime and herb marinade..ALSO..I had a few of those..and they had skewers of chicken breast with a Thai chile sauce..heavenly.
 After I combed over the app table and said a couple quick hello's I had to get me a glass of some of this champagne punch. Ahhh It looks like Someone made a Nice Blueberry filled Ice ring for the punch.
 Ok anyone who really know me KNOWS that I am a major candy freak! I LOVE CANDY..hence all my fillings in my teeth...yipes.
 and they had my faves...Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
 and ..Boozed filled chocolate bottles..YES PLEASE
 I sat by this table almost the whole night poor teeth.
 I like aria's little pink Christmas tree
 OOOO Fondue!! I hung out here for a little bit too
 My fave was dipping the cream puff into the chocolate fondue
 Gabe having a cocktail and mingling
 I had to make me a whipped cream vodka with Ginger ale
 Jen had a few fun games for everyone to play at the party and than we did a white elephant gift exchange..i ended up with some gingerbread bath fizzes and body butter and a gift card to target
 Gabe and Roland...This was right after Gabe downed a Yard glass of ale
 Later in the evening Roland busted out some of his Posters..he gifted this one to Gabe.
 Gabe was loving all the posters
after the posters and some chit chat it was getting late so we soon had to make our exit...Time flies when your having fun! Thanks Roland and Jen for a fabulous party!

A caroling we go.............

Since I work FULL time it is HARD for me to get more involved with Parker's School Activities but when something comes up that is extracurricular or special I try to do my best to take part in these little events. The latest one...Christmas Caroling with Parker's School...Yep....Carolling....I have not been carolling since I was 10 years old and in the Girl scouts! What the seemed like it would be a good time. The note said Please bring a tray of cookies and dress warm. well the night before The kids and I..oh and Gabe made a WHOLE mess of sugar cookies shaped like Snowman and Stars and had a WIDE assortment of candies and sprinkles and different color icings to decorate..BOY...what a mess and a lot of work...Next Time I am BUYING! ((oh by the way..our handmade sugar cookies were a hit..they were the first cookies to be finished out of ALL the cookies that were brought in and spread out on the tables))

 It was raining earlier in the day so we thought hmm maybe they cancelled the caroling but Gabe called and they said they would just round everyone in the cafeteria and sing. Ava was having fun watching a couple of the teachers sing Christmas song Karaoke ( and was a bit of torturous)
 Parker is funny..He wanted to be "cool" and throw on his 3 button Velvet jacket and hat...of course over his skater clothes LOL
 After a short while Ava was singing along with some of the kids. It was super cold outside but it was Not raining SO the teachers asked everyone By a show of hands How many of you would still like to go out and Carol around the neighborhood...only a couple hands went up.
 Gabe ofcourse was like YES!! I want to carol around the neighborhood..that is what Caroling is all about..I on the other hand was iffy cause I knew it was going to be cold...However I just HAD to get out of the Christmas Karaoke filled cafeteria before my ears would bleed out. One of the teachers was this younger guy who had his Guitar..he seemed like a hipster dude and he was like Ok so anyone who wants to carol the neighborhood let's go...pretty much EVERYONE got up to go...I  guess most of the other adults could not wait to leave that cafeteria as well.
 We just went a few streets and stopped at the houses that had lights up.
 Gabe and Parker singing...I think this is when they were singing Feliz Navidad ( which I hate that song and my brother and I had this whole count on how many times we would hear that song in December..every time one of us would hear it we would text with the number..I think his final count was 19 mine was 17)
 The neighbors that were home enjoyed the caroling
 The kids COULD not wait to go knocking on the doors...Ava kept going to the doors with the older kids and saying Trick or Treat
 The singing was not too bad and at least there was a guitar playing too
 Last house...let's move along is COLD OUT HERE
 Back inside was tables full of cookies and hot cocoa ..everyone sat around and enjoyed while the Christmas karaoke for the kids continued
MMMM...Instant hot cocoa...
I have to say..I think we all actually quite enjoyed ourselves.

Good Ol Shrinky Dinks

I spend pretty much most of my evenings alone with the kiddos and we are always trying to find new fun things to do. Every once in awhile I go to Micheal's when they are having sales and try and find some fun arts and crafts kits on sale. Of course over the Christmas season there was all kinds of sales going on. I found some Shrinky Dink kits for 4.50!! I have not done Shrinky Dinks since I was like Parker's Age!
 The kids were having a blast watching them in the stove shrink up.
 If you are not sure of what Shrinky Dinks I will explain. You get this BIG sheet of Stencils and a BUNCH of little clear plastic sheets. You find a shape you like and trace and color. For example Ava had me do this Ice Cream Cone. I used color pencils and filled it in. I then Cut out the ice cream and place it on a cookie sheet ( i used this ol beat up cookie sheet )
 You pop it in the oven for about 1-3 minutes and it shrinks into this hard plastic mini ice cream cone. You can cut a hole in it before hand and make some charms.
 Ava with her spaghetti face ( we made these like Immediately after dinner) I made the mistake of putting this owl on a pizza got stuck in the holes.
We made SO MANY plastic dinks that night that Ava cried when I finally put them away..I just could not do anymore. I know..I suck as an adult. If I were a kid every single shrinky Dink would have been done!

Monday, December 19, 2011

1st Christmas party of the season!

We have been invited to a few Christmas parties and this was our First One!! This was at our friends Brian and Brandees out in Menifee. It was so great too cause we could take our kids with us and because they are so far they offered for us and some of the other friends that drove the distance to spend the night.

I love the assorted drinks available..these were pomegranate martini's ..they were so yummy

 Then there was shots of Kahlua and bailey's and Vodka and Midori..I had several...
 and of course some festive candy cane cocktails which I did not have...Not a huge fan of minty drinks they kind of upset my stomach but they look really pretty.
 The spread of food that was out was so fun
 Parker was really enjoying the Christmas tree brownies!
 Love the union Jack place mats
 YES!!! I was hoping to see a Cheese Snowman!~
 How cute were these Santa face crackers!!
 The kids were having a blast on the trampoline
 While the adults drank, socialized and listen to music
 Santa even paid a visit
 Gabe being casual..
 GiGi and I
 Brandee, Brian ( thee Hosts) and Jesse..sitting by the fireplace
 The kids had fun decorating ornaments
 and ended their night dancing the night away with the adults
Night Night everyone!
We had a marvelous time!