Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Christmas Party and Christmas Eve

Last Friday was the start of my long 4 day weekend (it's never long enough) ..I spent the day finishing up my Christmas Shopping and baking cookies for the small get together we were headed off to that evening. We actually had a few parties to attend that we were going to try and squeeze them all in HOWEVER there was no babysitter for us so luckily our friends Josh and Vickie said we could bring our kids to the get together so at least we were able to make it to one event.

I made a tray of baked good which consisted of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies- I need to find a new recipe ..I used the one on the oatmeal box..MEH ..too doughy for me

 I also made by scratch Peanut Butter Cookies, Brownie bites that had melted marshmallow and dark chocolate chips melted in the batter, Sugar cookies with a hand made royal vanilla peppermint icing and crushed SOFT peppermint on top (not as strong as candy cane). I was going to make some MULLED Spice wine as well but I was told that there was already going to be Sangria at the party so I opted out...I guess I can always make some Spice Mulled Wine for a cold winter night.
 Greg and Maria brought a very cool Astro Weenie Tree!
 I love how the tiki played a festive role to the deco
 I didn't really take any pictures cause I was having too much fun drinking,eating and mingling..Ava slept the first part of the evening (notice the bed head) but was up and at it and being pretty well was Parker. I love when my kids are good.
 Christmas eve was very mellow. Gabe had to work so I spent really most of my night wrapping dad came by a few times to drop off gifts for the tree and later on my brother and his girlfriend came to stay the night and put their presents under the tree as well. We just hung around for a while and watched SNL Skits...we were busting up about this SNL Opening Monologue all that evening...with Steve Buscemi
My little Foster Dog Vixen was laying down watching ym wrap presents..She has been adopted by the way and will be going home this coming Monday!! I am so glad it was our friends that had adopted I can watch her grow up!
As I wrapped Presents and took a break to rest my aching back Ava was playing with the gift tags singing we wish you a Merry ever she played a bit of the broken record Mode..see for yourself..