Monday, December 19, 2011

1st Christmas party of the season!

We have been invited to a few Christmas parties and this was our First One!! This was at our friends Brian and Brandees out in Menifee. It was so great too cause we could take our kids with us and because they are so far they offered for us and some of the other friends that drove the distance to spend the night.

I love the assorted drinks available..these were pomegranate martini's ..they were so yummy

 Then there was shots of Kahlua and bailey's and Vodka and Midori..I had several...
 and of course some festive candy cane cocktails which I did not have...Not a huge fan of minty drinks they kind of upset my stomach but they look really pretty.
 The spread of food that was out was so fun
 Parker was really enjoying the Christmas tree brownies!
 Love the union Jack place mats
 YES!!! I was hoping to see a Cheese Snowman!~
 How cute were these Santa face crackers!!
 The kids were having a blast on the trampoline
 While the adults drank, socialized and listen to music
 Santa even paid a visit
 Gabe being casual..
 GiGi and I
 Brandee, Brian ( thee Hosts) and Jesse..sitting by the fireplace
 The kids had fun decorating ornaments
 and ended their night dancing the night away with the adults
Night Night everyone!
We had a marvelous time!

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