Thursday, December 8, 2011

Discovering with the kids...

A couple weekends ago we decided on a ordinary Sunday to take the kiddos to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana (i Think) They were having a Star wars exhibit there.

 Since it is December after all they had a gingerbread house exhibits as well..I like this beachy one!
 We went up to participate in the Gingerbread Derby
 The kids got to walk through a line picking out what tasty items to make their gingerbread cars from. Gabe help Parker with his with the peanut butter cup tires..Mine well AVA's was a double wide car with Ritz cheese sandwich tires
 Once the cars were done it was time to race them...Parkers kept coming in first
 He raced a few times
 After the Derby they raced Jawbreakers..I am sooo surprised Ava did not try to eat them.
 Lots of gingerbread star wars themed stuff there
 This was one of the few At-At's
 Ava watching the tornado maker thingy
 She wanted to climb the rocks as well
 We went to let the kids play in the dinosaur area..Parker did a dinosaur bone hunt while Ava just ran around and played with the dinosaur puzzle
 It was a preety day..
 Ava loved the slide of course and the caves
 They did a few laps on the big dinosaur
 Look Ava it's a Sara!!
 Back inside cause we had plenty more to see..This blew crazy wind at you and you had to balance these wings..
 Then Parker got to fly this plane..all 4 of us even went in a wind tunnel where the speeds got to almost 80mph!! I wish I had a picture of actually kinda scared me.
 We made it just in time for the last Sugar Cookie decorating event. I helped Ava make her cookie
 Parker was concentrating on just how he wanted his
 Ok Ava you can eat it now
 Parker made his like a wreath...they sure looked tasty..I love sugar cookies!!
 In the big planet room
 Gabe has got the world in his hands!!
 So does Ava
 Ava kept having to go back to play with the big lego blocks..she LOVED them.
and of course Parker had to lay in the bed of nails. We even got to watch a 4d movie about dinosaurs in the theater..( mental note..never have Ava wear her Sketchers Twinkle Toes in a dark theater)
The kids were so Pumped after we left. They both had such a blast that I think we are going to become members so we can check out all the different exhibits they plan throughout the year. It was such a fun and inexpensive family day!

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