Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Fab 50's Christmas Cocktail party!!

I just love going to holiday parties and I would have went to so many more but these are some of the sacrifices you make when you are no longer single and kid more every weekend partying. We still manage to find the time to make as many as we can though. Luckily a few of the parties we were able to bring our kids..this one however was a nice Adults only party where I was so lucky to have a sitter so we could attend.
I just LOVE fun and creative apps! As soon as we walked through the front door there was a very lovely catered display of apps ...I ofcourse had to dive right in. These were tomato and roasted pepper bisque with a skewered triangle of grilled cheese on top...So delish I must have had like 5..I was so tempted to say.. just pour me a bowl and give me a whole sandwich.
 OOO and than there were these lovely shrimps with some sort of lime and herb marinade..ALSO..I had a few of those..and they had skewers of chicken breast with a Thai chile sauce..heavenly.
 After I combed over the app table and said a couple quick hello's I had to get me a glass of some of this champagne punch. Ahhh It looks like Someone made a Nice Blueberry filled Ice ring for the punch.
 Ok anyone who really know me KNOWS that I am a major candy freak! I LOVE CANDY..hence all my fillings in my teeth...yipes.
 and they had my faves...Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
 and ..Boozed filled chocolate bottles..YES PLEASE
 I sat by this table almost the whole night poor teeth.
 I like aria's little pink Christmas tree
 OOOO Fondue!! I hung out here for a little bit too
 My fave was dipping the cream puff into the chocolate fondue
 Gabe having a cocktail and mingling
 I had to make me a whipped cream vodka with Ginger ale
 Jen had a few fun games for everyone to play at the party and than we did a white elephant gift exchange..i ended up with some gingerbread bath fizzes and body butter and a gift card to target
 Gabe and Roland...This was right after Gabe downed a Yard glass of ale
 Later in the evening Roland busted out some of his Posters..he gifted this one to Gabe.
 Gabe was loving all the posters
after the posters and some chit chat it was getting late so we soon had to make our exit...Time flies when your having fun! Thanks Roland and Jen for a fabulous party!

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