Thursday, December 29, 2011

A caroling we go.............

Since I work FULL time it is HARD for me to get more involved with Parker's School Activities but when something comes up that is extracurricular or special I try to do my best to take part in these little events. The latest one...Christmas Caroling with Parker's School...Yep....Carolling....I have not been carolling since I was 10 years old and in the Girl scouts! What the seemed like it would be a good time. The note said Please bring a tray of cookies and dress warm. well the night before The kids and I..oh and Gabe made a WHOLE mess of sugar cookies shaped like Snowman and Stars and had a WIDE assortment of candies and sprinkles and different color icings to decorate..BOY...what a mess and a lot of work...Next Time I am BUYING! ((oh by the way..our handmade sugar cookies were a hit..they were the first cookies to be finished out of ALL the cookies that were brought in and spread out on the tables))

 It was raining earlier in the day so we thought hmm maybe they cancelled the caroling but Gabe called and they said they would just round everyone in the cafeteria and sing. Ava was having fun watching a couple of the teachers sing Christmas song Karaoke ( and was a bit of torturous)
 Parker is funny..He wanted to be "cool" and throw on his 3 button Velvet jacket and hat...of course over his skater clothes LOL
 After a short while Ava was singing along with some of the kids. It was super cold outside but it was Not raining SO the teachers asked everyone By a show of hands How many of you would still like to go out and Carol around the neighborhood...only a couple hands went up.
 Gabe ofcourse was like YES!! I want to carol around the neighborhood..that is what Caroling is all about..I on the other hand was iffy cause I knew it was going to be cold...However I just HAD to get out of the Christmas Karaoke filled cafeteria before my ears would bleed out. One of the teachers was this younger guy who had his Guitar..he seemed like a hipster dude and he was like Ok so anyone who wants to carol the neighborhood let's go...pretty much EVERYONE got up to go...I  guess most of the other adults could not wait to leave that cafeteria as well.
 We just went a few streets and stopped at the houses that had lights up.
 Gabe and Parker singing...I think this is when they were singing Feliz Navidad ( which I hate that song and my brother and I had this whole count on how many times we would hear that song in December..every time one of us would hear it we would text with the number..I think his final count was 19 mine was 17)
 The neighbors that were home enjoyed the caroling
 The kids COULD not wait to go knocking on the doors...Ava kept going to the doors with the older kids and saying Trick or Treat
 The singing was not too bad and at least there was a guitar playing too
 Last house...let's move along is COLD OUT HERE
 Back inside was tables full of cookies and hot cocoa ..everyone sat around and enjoyed while the Christmas karaoke for the kids continued
MMMM...Instant hot cocoa...
I have to say..I think we all actually quite enjoyed ourselves.

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Parker is looking more and more like Gabe!