Monday, August 30, 2010

What a day....

I really think I had a couple minor heart attacks so far today!

This morning I come into work and it seems like a regular average Monday. The gardeners are outside doing our lawn and then all out of nowhere WHAMO a rock goes flying through out glass door!
Glass was everywhere...even after we cleaned up there is still glass everywhere.
So I get on the phone and make some calls to get things rolling....
Ok so everything is in the works then go outside to scope out the planters and WHAMO a used condom and wrapper in the ashtray out front...
So I try the flip the lid of the ashtray into the garbage and it won't come one of the co workers is like No big deal and sprays some Carb cleaner on the condom so it will slide off into the trash...ok it works and now that is taken care of...
So I go back to working at my desk (which happens to be right by the front glass door...and I am sitting minding my own business working then WHAMO...
My boss pokes his head through the broken door and yells out HERE'S JOHNNY!!!! and scares the crap outta me........seriously what next???
I really have my fingers cross that this week goes by fast and I am well on my way into the 3 day weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lunch with King's

Every Sunday Gabe and I and the kids usually go out for a nice lunch somewhere. We really wanted to check out something different and somewhere we never been too. Well after a lot of suggestions we finally came up to the conclusion...The King's Hawaiian Bakery and restaurant.
Now who does not LOVE Hawaiian bread?? This place was so cool. The building was very interesting and the inside was very clean and quite nice.
It was so hot out that it was nice to be in the AC of the restaurant.
The bakery had soo many tasty treats.
We love that you get an endless basket of Hawaiian breads rolls and butter. Parker had a rainbow sandwich. It was a rainbow Hawaiian bread with peanut butter and jelly. Ava had a grilled cheese on sweet Hawaiian bread. I had to take a bite and boy was it good!
Gabe and I had shared a Luau platter. It was very unique. It had poi,rice,potato salad, a ceviche type salmon salad, open flamed pineapple bbq chicken, a slow cooked smoked pork and a mixture of pork,butter fish wrapped in a leaf..(i forget what kind) It was a little gamey to me. I think this food was a little too authentic and foreign for me that maybe next time I will stick to the terriyaki chicken and rice bowl or was still fun though trying out new foods!
We had bottomless glasses of sweet Hawaiian ice tea as well that was soo good.
Gabe and I really can't wait to go back...and this time have enough room for some paradise cake!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Bull FLUGTAG & Ava's Birthday

So my baby turned 2 years old this Saturday!!!
We started the day off letting her open present throughout the morning.
She got a LOT of Yo gabba gabba toys.
She Loves opening presents!
She got the whole Driven's friends collection of the whole Gabba Gang and a Muno's guitar! She also got her first set of Woodlin friends..the Mouse family!
After presents it was off to our Friend Rich's Boat. Since the Red Bull Flugtag was going on in Long Beach we decided instead of being in the monstrous crowd on the ground we would get a few of us on the boat with some wine and cheese and watched the Flugtag in the Harbor. Ava was a little nervous about being on the boat.
At this point we started leaving to the ocean...she was wary about the whole situation.
Parker was enjoying sitting in the back with Gabe.
Once we got out of the harbor and into the Ocean we hauled butt on the waves and what a blast it was. Rich our captain here pictured above.
Ava freaked out and hurried to climb on Dan's lap but she did no crying.
Finally made it to the harbor to watch the Flugtag!.
This sombrero craft was the second one we saw. it didn't make it very far but at least it floated upright in the water.
I think this is suppose to be Koby Bryant.
Getting another craft ready.
Parker liked this BIG GULP one.
Mannywood...When it fell over we noticed it had Dreads in the back...tooo funny!
Gabe and Parker watching from the front
Toni and I standing in the back having a drink people was like the river seeing all the partiers on the other boats.
Wah wah wah...they didn't make it to far either...actually no one really did LOL
Parker and Dan sitting at the bow of the boat.
This one actually did the best I think!
Everyone had fun playing with Ava...she had such a blast!
We were all looking at this one thinking what the heck is that???
Yep just what we thought...a bear!
Now both kids up to watch up front. (we had a very close eye on Ava the whole time) We watched the last craft go down and headed back to the slip..but first to hang out for a little while longer on the boat.
It was getting super hot so I had to put on my tank a little burnt
It was kind of hard for Ava to move around in the life vest...she found a way though.
We parked a little while and listened to some tunes and drank some champagne.
Dan before diving in the water.....
Dan after diving in the water
Gabe wanted to dive in from the side front
So of course all the guys jumped girls just watched. We tried to let Parker go in to with the guys but I think he was a little afraid....i would be too...Long Beach water ...YUK
The seals sun bathing...time to head back to the slip.
Dan holding the wheel
It was a fun yet draining day....afterwards we went home and my parents came over to see Ava for her birthday and she got a couple more presents to open then it was just a relaxing evening at home with lots of water and movies.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lemonade for sale..Only 25.cents!

When I was a kid a old past time memory for me was being with one of the neighborhood friends on the corner selling ice cold Kool Aid on a hot summer day. It was such a blast especially when a friendly customer would come to buy a cup and drink it there right on the spot and have a look of happiness that they just got a refreshing cup of ...well you know the very best darn cup of kool aid they ever had.

Anyway a couple weeks ago Parker and his new friend Emily from across the street decided to sell some lemonade out in the front yard.
All the neighbors were so nice to suport their stand and soon we had a small crowd of neighbors out front enjoying a cold lemonade and conversing....Ava even was welcomed as a new team member
Emily even had her big brother and sister make them business cards.
A.P.E Lemonade which stands for Ava, Parker, Emily.
They put signs on the corners and even flyered the neighbors cars. They had a fun time and made a WHOOPING 12.00!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dining with Friends

A couple Fridays ago Sean and Julia invited a few of us over to Cristen their new dining room table with a fantastic dinner Julia prepared for us.
I must say it was a very lovely table
It was a great start of cheese and crackers, chips and homemade salsa with big chunks of avocado and champagne with a spot of St. German to add a little was perfect!
We all sat in the living room having some fun and humorous conversation with Jesse and Hilarie
While Sean and Julia conversed with us from the kitchen as they were getting the dinner ready to be served
Chris and Holly were also there for the friendly get together
Gabe and I
What a yummy salad we started with. It didn't even need dressing cause the Mandarin oranges were just so juicy and the crumbles of cheese were just MWAH
On the menu was a slow cook pot roast, grilled asparagus,rolls and some garlic and rosemary red potatoes....everything was so wonderful. We also open some nice reds. After dinner we sat around the table and talked then Julia broke out the Chocolate Torte for dessert!
We all decided we had to do dinners more the next decision is who is next to host the next dinner????

Monday, August 16, 2010

A day at The Orange County Fair

In our family it is a MUST to go to both county fairs ...Orange County and LA County. Last week a took a day off work as well as Gabe and we were off to spend a nice family day at the fair.
It was a Thursday and Kids were free and they had special ride wristbands for kids which saved us a LOT of money!
The first stop we went to was The ICE museum they had there A lot of cool sculptures
When you go in they have blankets you can wrap around you cause you basically go into a HUGE freezer that is below 0...we didn't think we would need in but a few steps in and we turned back around to grab them!
Parker liked the Mona Lisa..
There was also a really cool exhibit of food sculptures..this Bald eagle was all made out of bread!

And this was all made out of White Chocolate
We went to look at the Photography and painting next!
It was time to get started on the eating..hmmm what shall we try..believe me this place is where I wanted to stop at first
But I settled for some Australian Battered potato's with ranch and cheese sauce..Gabe had to help me finish it!
hahahahaha The corn cob bandit
We got Parker's wristband and let him go on all the rides he could..He finally for the first time was tall enough to ride the BIG bumper cars..he didn't have much trouble
Gabe lost in the carnival..we let Parker go on one more ride then bought him and Ava some dippin dots to sit at the table in the dining hall area while Gabe and I were at the counter doing a little wine tasting
Ava was overwhelmed by all the going ons
They had a funzone for the kids so we let them both go in to play They had a fun toddler area for Ava
Gabe was showing her how to do Ring Toss
Parker went up to do a banana toss..he got a ribbon!!
I played in the Fun house Mirrors
I don't know what it is but I love old circus posters
Parker got to go on a lot of rides already so I let Ava try the pony rides
Parker was about 2 when we out him on for the first time and he cried and cried
All the other ladies around were commenting on how much fun she was was hard to get her off the pony she did not want to leave.
The aroma of all the BBQ in the air had us craving for some BBQ Beef Brisket and MAN OH MAN it was soooo good.
Afterwards time for more rides...Gabe wanted to go on with Parker on the BIG SLIDE
So you think he is diggin the slide???
Time for a foot massage....Ava liked it too!
Ava was getting fussy..time to bust out a game to win her a prize to keep he happy
I won of course...she did not let go of that purple and Neon green frog for the rest of the day...or week for that matter..she loves her frog
Parker going on more rides..the wristbands stopped at 8 so we made sure he got the most out of it.
Yeah he likes this too
Good times!~

It was getting dark so we shopped around some more after Parker was done with the rides and checked out the farm and gardens and bought a HUGE basket of chocolate covered Strawberries.

It was a fantastic day...Can't wait for the LA COUNTY FAIR NEXT!~