Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So last time I was in New York my co workers took me for a girls night on the town in the East Village. We went and had drinks then got the beer munchies so we all walked over to Crif Dogs. It was just a total little dive hot dog place. When we were there waiting for our order of gourmet dogs and waffle fries with cheese sauce Mariette was telling me about the cool Phone booth inside.

This phone booth was secretly the entrance to this hidden Speakeasy type bar.
When you pick up the receiver a women answers the other line and if you are on THE LIST then the wall opens up on the inside to let you in the joint.

We tried to get in but they would not allow us cause the place was already booked solid with reservations. Anyway I been dying to go back to this place and one of my co workers from the NY office was down and I was telling her about the place and she knew what I was talking about exactly...it's called PDT ( Please don't Tell). Anyways on my Trip to NY we are all going to make reservations to go.

You have to call between 3 and 3:30 to get a spot reserved but the locals tell me that sometimes you can just try and get in and they will either call you when your seat is ready or you sometimes get lucky and they let you right in.
This is the outside of Crif Dogs..... you walk down the steps to get in
Once your in..it is just a regular hot dog dive with stools and a counter to eat your dogs...
Her is the entrance to the phone booth
Once inside here is the bar where the drinks are skillfully crafted with Delicious gourmet cocktails that are Built for you.
They use so many fancy ingredients..but I hear they come at a price ..rounding to 14.00 a drink!
The place is full of these really old school rat pack style booths. I hear if you are just sitting around and not having a drink they have the right to kick you out.
Here is a small photo of me last time i was in NY standing in the booth.
I so can't wait to go check this place out...I hear it is a great experience.
It has some pretty interesting reviews on yelp too.
I am already mapping out some other places to check as well....I am getting excited!


Ally said...

Awesome!! Looks so cool. Being around during the times of Speakeasy's and prohibition would have be very interesting times. Can you imagine US in a era where booze was ILLEGAL? Ha!

Iris said...

Nope I can't! lol

Thelma said...

The place looks awesome! I love the bar area and the booth! Super cool! I LOVE NEW YORK!!!

John and Kirsten said...

New York is awesome....what other business would think to possibly turn away customers for any reason. It is really cool. I agree with you guys not sure how that would have worked, maybe it would have to be adjacent to a brothel - lol!