Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ready for Take Off!!

A couple weekends ago Gabe and I were discussing how we never really ever traveled anywhere out of the country before since we been together and so it was Summer we are thinking of going to Italy for 7 days. I am meeting with a travel agent this weekend to discuss the financial plan.

We decided since we will be gone for a week we are going to take the kids as well. I think they are at good ages to travel. Ava will almost be 3 by that point.

Anyways, while we were discussing this Parker overheard the convo and said he did not want to go cause he is afraid to fly. He seems to have a phobia with planes maybe cause I have a Phobia with planes and he over hears me..who knows.
First of all he is afraid the plane will crash, then second he is afraid he may get air sick.
I actually think he would rather enjoy flying so I been thinking about trying to break his fear on a short plane trip to maybe Vegas for the weekend.

I was thinking maybe in November sometime Gabe and I and the kids just leave one Friday afternoon and spend a weekend in Vegas. There is so much for the kids to see. We can take them to see the lions at MGM, The Jousting at Ex caliber, the circus at Circus Circus etc...

Well hopefully it will work!


Thelma said...

Wow that would be so cool if you guys can take a family vacation to Europe! The kids should be fine. Poor Parker is freakin out huh. Hopefully by the time you guys go his phobia will go away.

Iris said...

Yeah that is what I am hoping.