Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Bull FLUGTAG & Ava's Birthday

So my baby turned 2 years old this Saturday!!!
We started the day off letting her open present throughout the morning.
She got a LOT of Yo gabba gabba toys.
She Loves opening presents!
She got the whole Driven's friends collection of the whole Gabba Gang and a Muno's guitar! She also got her first set of Woodlin friends..the Mouse family!
After presents it was off to our Friend Rich's Boat. Since the Red Bull Flugtag was going on in Long Beach we decided instead of being in the monstrous crowd on the ground we would get a few of us on the boat with some wine and cheese and watched the Flugtag in the Harbor. Ava was a little nervous about being on the boat.
At this point we started leaving to the ocean...she was wary about the whole situation.
Parker was enjoying sitting in the back with Gabe.
Once we got out of the harbor and into the Ocean we hauled butt on the waves and what a blast it was. Rich our captain here pictured above.
Ava freaked out and hurried to climb on Dan's lap but she did no crying.
Finally made it to the harbor to watch the Flugtag!.
This sombrero craft was the second one we saw. it didn't make it very far but at least it floated upright in the water.
I think this is suppose to be Koby Bryant.
Getting another craft ready.
Parker liked this BIG GULP one.
Mannywood...When it fell over we noticed it had Dreads in the back...tooo funny!
Gabe and Parker watching from the front
Toni and I standing in the back having a drink people was like the river seeing all the partiers on the other boats.
Wah wah wah...they didn't make it to far either...actually no one really did LOL
Parker and Dan sitting at the bow of the boat.
This one actually did the best I think!
Everyone had fun playing with Ava...she had such a blast!
We were all looking at this one thinking what the heck is that???
Yep just what we thought...a bear!
Now both kids up to watch up front. (we had a very close eye on Ava the whole time) We watched the last craft go down and headed back to the slip..but first to hang out for a little while longer on the boat.
It was getting super hot so I had to put on my tank a little burnt
It was kind of hard for Ava to move around in the life vest...she found a way though.
We parked a little while and listened to some tunes and drank some champagne.
Dan before diving in the water.....
Dan after diving in the water
Gabe wanted to dive in from the side front
So of course all the guys jumped girls just watched. We tried to let Parker go in to with the guys but I think he was a little afraid....i would be too...Long Beach water ...YUK
The seals sun bathing...time to head back to the slip.
Dan holding the wheel
It was a fun yet draining day....afterwards we went home and my parents came over to see Ava for her birthday and she got a couple more presents to open then it was just a relaxing evening at home with lots of water and movies.


Thelma said...

Man that's the way to do it! Avoid the BIG crowds and do the boat thing! Awesome and great pictures!

tbahe said...

It was a BLAST!
Had so much fun!
cheers to another eventful fun filled day!!