Monday, August 16, 2010

A day at The Orange County Fair

In our family it is a MUST to go to both county fairs ...Orange County and LA County. Last week a took a day off work as well as Gabe and we were off to spend a nice family day at the fair.
It was a Thursday and Kids were free and they had special ride wristbands for kids which saved us a LOT of money!
The first stop we went to was The ICE museum they had there A lot of cool sculptures
When you go in they have blankets you can wrap around you cause you basically go into a HUGE freezer that is below 0...we didn't think we would need in but a few steps in and we turned back around to grab them!
Parker liked the Mona Lisa..
There was also a really cool exhibit of food sculptures..this Bald eagle was all made out of bread!

And this was all made out of White Chocolate
We went to look at the Photography and painting next!
It was time to get started on the eating..hmmm what shall we try..believe me this place is where I wanted to stop at first
But I settled for some Australian Battered potato's with ranch and cheese sauce..Gabe had to help me finish it!
hahahahaha The corn cob bandit
We got Parker's wristband and let him go on all the rides he could..He finally for the first time was tall enough to ride the BIG bumper cars..he didn't have much trouble
Gabe lost in the carnival..we let Parker go on one more ride then bought him and Ava some dippin dots to sit at the table in the dining hall area while Gabe and I were at the counter doing a little wine tasting
Ava was overwhelmed by all the going ons
They had a funzone for the kids so we let them both go in to play They had a fun toddler area for Ava
Gabe was showing her how to do Ring Toss
Parker went up to do a banana toss..he got a ribbon!!
I played in the Fun house Mirrors
I don't know what it is but I love old circus posters
Parker got to go on a lot of rides already so I let Ava try the pony rides
Parker was about 2 when we out him on for the first time and he cried and cried
All the other ladies around were commenting on how much fun she was was hard to get her off the pony she did not want to leave.
The aroma of all the BBQ in the air had us craving for some BBQ Beef Brisket and MAN OH MAN it was soooo good.
Afterwards time for more rides...Gabe wanted to go on with Parker on the BIG SLIDE
So you think he is diggin the slide???
Time for a foot massage....Ava liked it too!
Ava was getting fussy..time to bust out a game to win her a prize to keep he happy
I won of course...she did not let go of that purple and Neon green frog for the rest of the day...or week for that matter..she loves her frog
Parker going on more rides..the wristbands stopped at 8 so we made sure he got the most out of it.
Yeah he likes this too
Good times!~

It was getting dark so we shopped around some more after Parker was done with the rides and checked out the farm and gardens and bought a HUGE basket of chocolate covered Strawberries.

It was a fantastic day...Can't wait for the LA COUNTY FAIR NEXT!~


Thelma said...

yeah the fair is pretty awesome! There's something for everyone, for me it's the FOOD!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

awww, I wish we could have gone this year! I also wish it wasn't so flipping expensive!!