Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Scorpions

This past Saturday Night Holly and I went to the Nokia to see The Scorpions.
Holly got 2 free tickets and she took me. It was quite the interesting evening equipped with heavy metal heads, lots of booze, zz top beard fondling, split drinks, rough housing, and ending up in Malibu at the end of the night.
What else would you expect from a Heavy metal concert..... I was a bit disappointed though that they did not play any of the Main stream songs that I know.
My first and probably last heavy metal concert I will probably attend..but you never know!


Ally said...

Yeah, Holly was saying the same mainstream songs. SO LAME. I hate when bands are arrogant like that and refuse to play what people know them for. Pfftt...

Iris said...

Well they played Rock you like a Hurricane as the final song but well I won't go into detail but we didn't stay for the end.