Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2nd annual We are The Mods Celebration

Friday was the 2nd Annual We are the Mods Celebration party at Ashley's bar in Long Beach. Since Gabe's Mom babysits for us on Fridays we asked her if she could stay longer to watch the kids. We had Dave and BJ meet up at our house and rode over to a local Bar in Lakewood Called the flight room to meet up with the other scooterists that were going to be riding out to the club.

When we arrived there was a bunch of scooters there already

Once we waited for a few more people to show we loaded up and headed out to Ashley's.

There was about 20 + bikes.

At the club there were some great dj's and the first band that went on was the allentons..They are a ska band. They were pretty good.

A lot of people were up and dancing to the band. There was a wide mix of people at the club.

Josh's band The 20 Grand Club played..they were great!

Me and Sade towards the end of the night.

It was fun chatting and hanging out with Dave and Edina.

Front Man Josh

Maria and Toni

GiGi took some great pictures too..I stole a couple..such as this one of Maria and I..

Great shot of Gabe's Scooter

Scooter Parking

Look at all these crazy guys!..What a great night mingling and dancing and listening to good music.

Friday, May 20, 2011


One of the few downfalls of being a full time working MOM is not really being able to participate in Parker's school activities. Usually after school they have little programs like bake sales, book fairs, Parent Teacher Conferences etc..
Anyway his Open House was last week and I have yet ever even been to his school or meet his teacher. I could not miss Open House so I bundled Ava up loaded her in the stroller and walked over to the school. ( A Priority...MUST be in walking distance of schools). The school is only like 4 blocks away.

School Mascot!

The door was open with a big welcome sign! It had a picture of all the students in that class. I think there are 30 kids in Parker's class.

Parker's Photo..I asked if he took that picture that day because he was wearing the same shirt but the pictures were taken on their First day of school.

A fun project where the kids had to create their own constellation.

Parker made a Spaceship one

Here is a the class achievement board. Parker is in 4th place with the most paw prints..not too shabby..First place in highest paw prints for Boys in the class if that counts for anything...One thing I notice though looking at the kids with the higher paw prints their art projects were all done by what appeared to be by their parents..we always make sure Parker does HIS OWN work...I know parents want their kids to be a success and the best ones in class but in my opinion if I want Parker to be able to make his own choices and decisions to accomplish milestones and build strength he has got to do things on his own. Of course we are always there to help with suggestions and encourage him along the way.

Parker's Desk with some of his little projects on them. The paper towel roll is a totem pole..there was suppose to put a animal or some symbol to reprsent each member of your family. I was a Butterfly cause I am beautiful and liketo travel, Gabe was a lion cause he is strong and protects his family, and Ava was a monkey..no need for explantion for that one hahahahaa..some of the students had like professional Clay molded and wood carved totem poles...seriously....a 3rd grader can widdle some woodinto a totem pole??? We just had parker glue some pictures he cut out of magazines on to a covered paper towel tube.

A fun little math project where they had a certain fraction and had to make Pizza's and use the toppings as fractions...I don't remember Math being this fun in school.

The classroom.

They studied a lot of great artist for their art portion of the class studies and Piet Mondrian was one of them..HOW COOL!

They had fun little activities for the kids that came to open house such as a scavenger hunt, Guess how many candies are in the jar...

and they even had a fun little science project for the kids to do where you place about 10 raisins in some soda water and they dance around (didn't really work that well) I got to talk to Parker's teacher for a little while about how he has been doing in class and she said he is a GREAT student. He listens,, he is an Excellent reader she said, he is very courteous and seems to be achieving all his goals. Parker just stood by me listening to what his teacher was saying with a huge smile.

Once we left Parker's class he was dying to take Ava to the playground to play. He wanted to take her on the slide.

She loved it so much she kept going on it over and over.

Then he wanted to take her on the swing with him.

She just wanted to climb some more on the bridge and go on the slide.

That slide was Really fast it would shoot her right off it and I had to keep catching her before she would come crashing to the ground.

We went to the book fair and I bought both of the kids books. Parker got 3 books and I got Ava this cool little Ice Cream truck board book that plays music when you squeeze the tire of the truck. I had to get out of their ASAP..it was a complete Madhouse!

Project apple is this after school program that the high grade kids run where they provide arts and crafts for the younger kids who are waiting to be picked up from parents who arrive later after work.

We stopped by the craft table...Parker was making wristbands with Pipe Cleaners. Bracelets for us gals and Wristbands for Boys.

Parker got a Spider painted on his face as well.

Ava grabbed a few pipe cleaners and just went running around all over the places waving them around. It was getting colder and darker so I loaded Ava up in the stroller, all Parker's class projects, all the books we got at the book fair and headed home. It was a really nice time!

Allisters Birthday

Sunday Gabe went to his scooter club meet and Parker was at his cousins house so I took Ava with me to Allister's Hello Kitty Birthday party.
This cake was so cute and tasty too!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday! She was so excited for her birthday!

Ava was so small trying to get a glimpse of the cake too. After everyone was singing and they started cutting the cake Ava then decided to sing Happy Birthday too..everyone was laughing..we came to the conclusion that she thinks when she sings Happy Birthday she is soon to get a piece of cake.

All the kids could not help but get a taste of the frosting.

Jesse Put a big piece of frosting on Ally's nose..she was laughing when he licked it off.

Cute little Jack and Ava eating their slice of cake

They liked eating their cake together.

Everyone had to take pictures of that frosting face..He didn't care about having cake all over his face

However Ava hated having a messy face and quickly was asking for a napkin

Here is how Jack enjoys eating his cake

and Ava how she enjoys hers...Soon though after she saw Jack grabbing his cake with his hands she thought she would try and mashed the whole cake in her fist..soon Brandee and I were off to the restroom to wash these two up.

Present time!

She got LOTS of Hello Kitty Stuff.

We were getting ready to leave cause we had dinner plans. Jack gave Ava a nice hug before we left. In the car ride home Ava kept saying every 3 minutes..."That party was SO SO funnnnn... fun party....so so fun that party.." I was laughing all the way to Chili's.

My uncle and Debbie were flying back to Michigan Sunday night so I met up with them and my mom and dad at Chili's and had dinner with them. Here is a photo of my uncle an Debbie and my parents before we all left for home...What a weekend!