Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Disney Strikes again

To Disneyland once again ( I tell ya I gotta get my money's worth with our Annual Passports) Sunday we went with the kids and it was a perfect sunny day.

I expected it to be really crowded because of the good weather but to my surprise it was not at all. We went on quite a few rides. Ava was even tall enough this time to go on the Matterhorn and she LOVED it. She is one fearless kid. She loves fast things. She always gets so mad too when the ride ends.
Of course as soon as we went on small world she was clapping saying Happy Happy Happy and trying to sing along. I love this tiger...I been thinking maybe I want a bold colorful tattoo of this Small world tiger!

My favorite of all the dolls on this ride.

So much fun and it was nice and cool inside!

We went to the petting zoo by the ranch restaurant. Ava just loves animals..she really liked this mini donkey.

But had the most fun with the goats.

I love how they ALL had bandannas on.

Ava had to stop and pet every goat.

This one was Parker's fave.

After the petting zoo our fast passes were ready for space mountain. We got the rider switch pass though since we had Ava ( she is WAY to small for this one nor would I subject her to this is a little to wild I think for her) Parker has always been afraid of this ride (as you can see by the look on his face) However after he went on it with Gabe he went on it with me right after and yesterday he was telling Gabe "I want to go on space mountain again" I think he finally is outgrowing his fear of roller coasters.

We went into the Innovations building in Tomorrowland and looked at things and played games. Parker played this game only for like 2 minutes. He did do the computer thing that takes your picture and it shows you what you will look like as you age..Hahahaha He morphed into Gabe..HAHHAHA it was so funny..I wish I had taken a picture of it...I wanted to do Ava too but she was napping.

Dig this Tiki Lamp.

Kitchen of the Future

Parker liked this bed in the kids room. They had some pretty neat stuff. By the time we got out it was getting dark and we were getting hungry so we left. Man o Man do I love Disneyland.

New things we tried:

Mint Julep at the Mint Julep Stand= Very refreshing!!

Beignets= hot little Mickey head shape deep friend Dough covered in Powder Sugar Heavenly!!


Thelma said...

I like to go to Disneyland and discover something different every time I go too. It keeps me wondering and I just love the fanstasy of it!

Jessie said...

Cody and I want to go to Disneyland while we are in California, but I am not sure if we will or not. Money is tight for us and by the time I get a hotel room, etc etc... it costs a lot of money! I know we will atleast go to Downtown Disney to get a little "disney" fix and buy some Vinylmations. We are freakin addicted to Disney! I think this will be our only chance to go to Disneyland while we are here. Decisions Decisions... lol Are the lines super long for the toy story ride??

Iris said...

Oh you should go for sure! Sometimes if you go on craigslist you can find cheap tickets. The hotel is very pricey though.