Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day --8---@

Mother's Day I woke up to a plate of Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream and a hot cup of coffee...I could wake up like that every morning.
Parker had made me some presents for Mother's day at School.

I got two cards and a Bag with a surprise!!

Queen for a day...that's nice!

I always get worried what Parker is going to write about me...who knows what the teacher may think. I remember he once had to write a story with a drawing and it was a mad face which was suppose to be me telling him to stop playing his video games..displayed for everyone at the Open House to see..Sheesh...

HAHAHA I love his drawings on the paper bag

The Wind cracks me up.

Inside the bag was some Lavender scented Homemade Bath salts...he added the blue coloring and the scent...I just hope I don't look like a Smurf when I exit the tub after using it. I asked him "Am I gonna turn blue after I use it??" he replied with a mischievous smile " I don't know??? Maybe.." hmmm??? Guess I will find out..

Gabe had to work for Mother's day and had to be there at 9am so I relaxed a bit and got myself and the kids ready and off we went to Knott's Berry Farm where I was to meet up with my parents and brother and his girlfriend. First of all I stopped at the Lakewood Mall and bought a few perfumes for my mom to give to her for Mother's day since I have a store card with them and had no money to buy her anything with my own cash at the moment. I got to Knott's with the kids and it was just us 3 for about an hour.

I put them on a few camp Snoopy rides. They enjoyed it.

Later I finally met up with my parents and Brother and Jess and we all walked around and checked out a few buildings. We didn't do very many rides at all. We stopped at the ol Graveyard. My mom wanted me to take this picture..that is one Huge casket. Throughout the day at the park I gave my mom her perfumes one at a time to spread out the surprise.

Ava had a blast running all over the graves.

It was kinda cold yet Parker Still wanted to go on the rapids...Lucky for me I had a easy way NOT to have to go on it by staying outside with Ava while Parker ended up getting everyone else to ride with turned to be a " I will go if you go, well I'll go if he goes and I'll go if she goes" situation.. I just waited off to the side and had my camera ready..LOL my brother's face in this photo cracks me up! Of course the girls got the wettest.

After lots more walking around we stopped to watch the Aztec Indian show and Gabe finally showed up to meet up with us but after the show my brother and parents left. We walked around for about an hour and Gabe and Parker got to go on a few rides then the park closed.

I love that we have annual passports for Knott's and Disneyland cause even when we are broke we can still go and enjoy ourselves at the parks.

It was a nice Mother's day.


Thelma said...

It does sound like a great mothers day! Let me know if the bath salts make you turn blue! LOL! Parker's so cute!

Ally said...

Great note from Parker...such a sweet little guy