Friday, May 20, 2011

Mods Mayday-Soulside Edition

It's May and that means a month of Mod celebrations! So I blogged previously about the countdown to Mod's Mayday event we went to and that was fun, Then the Soulside one was the biggie and then tonight is the Last..which I think is going to go off! However...Mod's Mayday 99 still hold Top Spot..I mean 14 Bands 22 dj's from 5pm-3am..Ultimate Mayday Event of all events..we need another one of those..
This Mod's Mayday event was fun but I have to say SUCH a bad location..the bar was WAY to small, sound was not great, and the owners there are pretty Rude from what I been hearing. I still made the most of it.

The band was like a all star band I guess with Jerry Miller of The Untouchables was good I thought but the sound in the back was terrible..I guess they went on super early and did not even get a chance to do a sound check.

Greg's Scooter..

Ughh..I look a MESS!! Must Lose Weight! Me and Christen and Audrey watching the band.

Outside to Breathe!! Too hot and stuffy in the tiny over crowded bar. We rode Gabe's Scoot. I would say there was about 25 bikes.

GIGI and Chris!

April and Gabe...I adore this picture. April Won a trophy for Best Dressed Modette! Go April! I still have my old trophies for Best Dressed and Best Dancer from Club Solid back in the day!!

Josh and Vicki!!

Maria and Greg

The Fellas!

Jeff and Karen came all the way from Arizona for this..Jeff leaving for the night...right after he kicked some bum off Gabe's Scooter

Jeff's Plate

Jerry of the last to leave on his scooter..of course Gabe and I were the VERY last cause we came up with Jesse who was working the England Belongs Booth at the event and he trucked back Gabe's Scooter and we help pack up his booth as well.

Melissa and April..heading out. Of course after the event was over there was the usual outside mingling going on. Anyway I am looking forward to doing it all over again tonight!

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Thelma said...

I think you look pretty good. Although we ourselves are our own worst critics. Wow there was really a bum on Gabe's scooter? LOL!