Friday, May 20, 2011

Family BBQ

Hooray!! I found my camera cord..Now to get everyone caught up!
Last week my uncle Rob and Debbie came to California from Michigan. Last time I saw them was at my wedding...8 years ago! So it was pretty nice seeing them again. I wanted at least one night out of the week to really get all the family together so I invited everyone over for a BBQ last Friday.

We had lots to eat and drink. Carne Asada Toni brought was amazing, we also had BBQ chicken (with my own homemade BBQ sauce I made) Hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, creamy cheesy corn, guacamole dip and I had some cream puffs about as well. On the drink menu was Margaritas,beers and wine and vodka drinks.
My uncle got to meet my brother's twins for the first time too. Ava was having a blast with them as well since we rarely get to see them.

Ava and Logan

My uncle Rob and Debbie

Ava and Lexi

My brother's Ex Jessica and her new girlfriend Teressa.

Scott and Toni

My brother and his girlfriend Jessica.

The evening went pretty late into the night. My parents were the first to leave cause my dad had to go to work the next day. It was such a fun time..Grillen and Chillen.

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Thelma said...

Nice family bbq! You guys had a nice menu going on. Now I'm hungry for some carne asada tacos!