Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2nd annual We are The Mods Celebration

Friday was the 2nd Annual We are the Mods Celebration party at Ashley's bar in Long Beach. Since Gabe's Mom babysits for us on Fridays we asked her if she could stay longer to watch the kids. We had Dave and BJ meet up at our house and rode over to a local Bar in Lakewood Called the flight room to meet up with the other scooterists that were going to be riding out to the club.

When we arrived there was a bunch of scooters there already

Once we waited for a few more people to show we loaded up and headed out to Ashley's.

There was about 20 + bikes.

At the club there were some great dj's and the first band that went on was the allentons..They are a ska band. They were pretty good.

A lot of people were up and dancing to the band. There was a wide mix of people at the club.

Josh's band The 20 Grand Club played..they were great!

Me and Sade towards the end of the night.

It was fun chatting and hanging out with Dave and Edina.

Front Man Josh

Maria and Toni

GiGi took some great pictures too..I stole a couple..such as this one of Maria and I..

Great shot of Gabe's Scooter

Scooter Parking

Look at all these crazy guys!..What a great night mingling and dancing and listening to good music.

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Thelma said...

looks like a great time!