Friday, May 20, 2011

Allisters Birthday

Sunday Gabe went to his scooter club meet and Parker was at his cousins house so I took Ava with me to Allister's Hello Kitty Birthday party.
This cake was so cute and tasty too!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday! She was so excited for her birthday!

Ava was so small trying to get a glimpse of the cake too. After everyone was singing and they started cutting the cake Ava then decided to sing Happy Birthday too..everyone was laughing..we came to the conclusion that she thinks when she sings Happy Birthday she is soon to get a piece of cake.

All the kids could not help but get a taste of the frosting.

Jesse Put a big piece of frosting on Ally's nose..she was laughing when he licked it off.

Cute little Jack and Ava eating their slice of cake

They liked eating their cake together.

Everyone had to take pictures of that frosting face..He didn't care about having cake all over his face

However Ava hated having a messy face and quickly was asking for a napkin

Here is how Jack enjoys eating his cake

and Ava how she enjoys hers...Soon though after she saw Jack grabbing his cake with his hands she thought she would try and mashed the whole cake in her fist..soon Brandee and I were off to the restroom to wash these two up.

Present time!

She got LOTS of Hello Kitty Stuff.

We were getting ready to leave cause we had dinner plans. Jack gave Ava a nice hug before we left. In the car ride home Ava kept saying every 3 minutes..."That party was SO SO funnnnn... fun so fun that party.." I was laughing all the way to Chili's.

My uncle and Debbie were flying back to Michigan Sunday night so I met up with them and my mom and dad at Chili's and had dinner with them. Here is a photo of my uncle an Debbie and my parents before we all left for home...What a weekend!

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Thelma said...

So cute! Gosh I remember as a kid just LOVIN birthday cake too! I couldn't help sneakin a bit of frosting!