Thursday, May 5, 2011

8 years and counting..

Yesterday was my 8th wedding anniversary. We didn't get to celebrate it though cause By the time I got home from work I had been greeted at the door with our crystal toasting flutes from our wedding all polished and filled with champagne and a quick toast and then he was off to work.

Toni was therer too she came over just as I got home to drop off a lovely bottle of pink champagne and a really cute Anniversary card. It was reallly nice. Since Gabe was heading out I made us a pitcher of a vodka Peach puree with a splash of club soda cocktail and we sat in the backyard and sipped on them while we watched Ava play in the sprinkler and Pool. Thelma came over to and we all sat outside in the warm evening and ate Pizza that Toni ordered.

I am so glad to have had my gal friends over cause to tell you the truth with it being a day to celebrate and the hubby not being around..I would have been sadden.

Anyway we are going to celebrate Friday night...can't wait to see what Gabe has in store!


Jessie said...

Congrats! My wedding anniversary is coming up next week!

Thelma said...

time flys really. I'm so happy you two have each other. You guys are great together!