Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creatures of the Lagoon

So while at the birthday party after having ice cream and pinata and socializing everyone got into their swimsuits and went to play in the lagoon.
 The Lagoon in our area was in total I think the deepest 2 feet so it was easy for the toddlers to walk through the water and right over to the island to play on the little slide.
 This was Ava's I think 3rd trip down the slide..she looks terrified when you look at the close up of her face but she was cracking up laughing. She loved it!
 I do think though she preferred sitting on Gabe's lap though.
 Parker all cruising the slide
 This was at the deep part of the lagoon...Ava still looks so small in it though
 She was having fun sitting down and making the sand move around in the water. (it was nice they had sandy portions of the lagoon. I swear this place was so cool)
 I was on the deck looking down on her.
 Parker dunking his head under the water
 Don't say it...Yes Parker wanted to wear socks in the lagoon...strange kid.
 Everyone anxiously waiting to go down the slide
 I kinda wish I went on it now looking at these photos..
 LOL her face looks so scared every time..honestly she loves it!
There is the party area..what a fun day..after we got out of the lagoon we got our stuff and said our goodbye and went for dinner. We were starving for some real food after eating cake and ice cream all day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ice Cream Parlour Party

Saturday we went to Gabe's Co workers Dave's daughter 3 years old Ice Cream Parlour party in Irvine. It was held in this private community Lagoon which is like a small man made lagoon complete with boating areas,water bikes, bbq, picnic tables, gazebo's concerts on the park but only to those that live in the community and their guests of course.
 When we got there Ava and Parker were given their party Souvenir buckets. They were red beach pails with shovel and inside them was a paper container for Pinata candy,a ice cream scoop,a ice cream bowl, and ice cream hat, a apron with each child's name on it and a plastic baggie to put your ice cream scoops and bowl in so they don't leave a mess.
 Yummy Ice cold Raspberry lemonade for the kiddos and some Beers for us adults hidden away in the ice chest.
 The Ice cream Treat table was just adorable. You have to click on the picture to really see the details.
 Besides bottles toppings such as caramel,chocolate were m&ms, cookies,berries,sprinkles,cherries etc..They also had tons of goodies like cupcakes or different sorts and chocolate covered starberries
 Your choice of Cones or s cup. They also had these cute Cupcakes that were baked into Ice cream cones pictures and also push up containers that had instead of ice cream mini cupcakes..Delish!
a FEW PAILS  with ice was melting fast! Still tasty though.
 Look how adorable this cake is!!!!
 Here is a look at the little island in the lagoon from our gazebo where the party was being held...I will post the fun in the lagoon photos tomorrow.
 Ava with her new apron and Ice cream parlour hat..she wore them the whole time too well except when it was time to play in the water of course.
 Addison..the birthday girl wanting a head start on that pinata
 Time to hit the was mainly very small children so it took quite a few times to get that sucker open
 Cute huh!
 After Ava's turn she just sat on the floor watching all the other kids hit it.
 Gabe's friend Dave controlling the pinata accidental swung into this little boys face..he cried for a minute then really beat the crap out of the pinata..still did not break though...
 Ava loves babies..this little boy walked passed her and she ran to him and just started hugging him.
 Cmon Parker smack that thing open!! HAHAHA look how little Parker's apron is.
 Round two..since all the kids did not break it they all got to go again..Here is the birthday gal going for it..she has a good swing!
 This little girl was trying her hardest to bash that open but it got her HAVE to click on this picture and see a close up of her face HAHAHAHA CLASSIC
 Ava getting ready to collect some candy
 One last shot before they just let Parker bash it open since he was the biggest kid
 And he did..busted it right in..a bunch of candy went flying into the lagoon though but Parker went it and got it. Ava got some good pieces too.
 Time to have some goodies. Like this mini chocolate covered cupcakes were tasty
Ava had a little ice cream then it was off to the lagoon...To Be Continued...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 20 Grand at King Neptunes

Our weekend Kicked off with going to see Our friends Band The 20 Grand. The play alot of groovin soul music..a must see.
 The played at a bar called King Neptune's in Sunset Beach. They make a very Mean Vodka Cran there too.
 Some of the friends showing support for the band
 Us locals...Toni , Gabe and Mike P.
 They were rockin
 I love the dim lighting too
 Pleasing the crowd
 More rockin
 Toni and I
 Before and After the band played Jesse spun some great 60's, Mod,Soul music.
We closed the bar. It was me left with all these crazy blokes...Good times. Looking forward to seeing them play again!

Bye Cachuma and Wildlife~ FIN

 So Monday came quickly and was the end of our camping trip. We all got up around 8-ish and started packing up and cleaning. The wildlife invaded our camp over night and got into my ice chest and broke a bunch of eggs everywhere and our garbagee was all torn open..yeah..they did not want to make it easy on us that is for sure.
 First thing was first..everyone tried to use up all their breakfast foods so no one would have to take them back home so out came alllll the eggs and cheese. Mary made a pretty good breakfast that everyone enjoyed!
 While packing up I kept hear these funny bird noises..I was thinking What the heck kind of bird is that and I looked over at the field next to us and there was this very adorable husband and wife Quail pair. Here is the male.
 The both just started running down the road...they were too cute.
 Then the squirrels were out begging. I had a bag of peanuts and one was climbing on my lap and trying to steal my peanuts from me..he was super cute.
 There was one field by us where there was a TON of baby squirrels. They were all frolicking around and when I went to get a closer look they all scrambled in their holes. At one moment out of one hole I saw like 5 little squirrel heads poking out. I put a mango by their hole to see if any of them would pop their head out. This little guy and there was another one too were curious...Gabe said they looked like Whack A mole cause you would see squirrel heads popping out of different nearby holes.
When we were getting in the car this guys was hanging by the window. I didn't realize Ava was throwing goodies at him out the window.
Well that concludes our annual camping trip. I already can't wait!
We may do a end of summer camping trip though in San Diego I think near Julian...we were discussing it with Guillermo and Mary..I am always down for camping! Just one mental note...(fix Slow leak from Air Mattress) OUCH!