Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holly's Drag Queen Birthday

A couple weeks ago it was Holly's birthday and she wanted to celebrate it by going to Hamburger Mary's Sunday Drag show and brunch with bottomless mimosas. It was a FABULOUS time.
There was a pretty good group of us. I was the first to arrive and save a place for us in line since she was told she could not make a reservation. To our fright when we got to the front door they asked if we had a reservation which we didn't and said we could sit in the patio ( where you can see No show) Lucky for us the Bar was WIDE open so we took up the whole bar which by the way are the best seats in the house. The drags were in full force lip syncing their hearts away.

This one was on RuPauls Drag Race. We ate our brunch and drank many mimosa's while enjoying the show.

This gal had some crazy get ups

Some of these drags are just so hard to believe they are men!! They had better bodies then most of the real women there.

This was the MC..she was a riot..she had us constantly laughing it up.

Check out that hair! one looked like a man.

Singing a song from 007.

Yeah they work for tips too. Who would have thought a Disney song and performance!!

sHE was really getting into character

Yeah we were pretty tipsy by this point...Like my Little Men on Film hat..hahahahahaa....HATED IT!!

SAY WHAAAAA????? Look at the body...amazing! I give her 3 snaps in a Z formation!

When the show was over they called out the birthday peeps and gave them all a blow job shot ( it is like a creamy shot with whipped cream on the top and you have to shoot it by picking it up with NO hands..mouth only)

Usually they serve them on the counter top but they made all the birthday kids get on their hands and knees on the floor.

Holly was the first one to get hers down! She said to the gay guys may do more blow jobs but I been drinking longer AHAHAHAHAHA crazy Holly..I told her she should have made that her status for facebook.

After her shot we danced around for a bit and it was time to open presents.

We could not let the party stop there though...we headed to the Vroom for more drinks.

Yeah I look so smashed in this picture..I sweated all my make up off. It was a very hot day. Julia and I and Toni played some pool and had a few rounds.

Chris and Sean acting silly

Holly and her gang hanging out in the corner of the bar..wonder what they are up too???

I could have seriously stayed for so much longer but I really had to get going but Holly stayed back and did a lot more partying...What a fun birthday!


Thelma said...

OMG that looked like a blast! That one did have a killer body!

Ally said...

Great pictures...bummed to have missed that for sure!!