Monday, June 27, 2011

Boating and Scavenger hunts....Pt 4

Sunday the last remaining group of us all took turns out on the boat while the others hung out and drank and played badminton at the camp site.

 Here was the first group to go out on the Boat
 They pulled the boat near our campsite where down the trail was some steps down to the lake and we switched it up..this time Gabe and I and Ava and Mary, Guillermo,Alex and memo went for a ride
 It was a very nice Day...Memo sat up front with Gabe
 Mary and I with the Alex and Ava sat in the middle
 While Guillermo drove the boat
 I think the babies liked it
 We snuck some beers
 I think we all got a bit tanned on this boat

 Cute mama and Baby
 Ava was just hypnotized by the lake
 We did not go too fast cause it was a little scary with the small kids on the boat
 My hat did manage to blow off my head and into the lake ..I thought for sure it was a goner but we went back for it and Guillermo fished it out for me..
 Need my hat!!!!!
 Ava was loving the wind blowing in her hair
 She was soooo Excited!
 We went back to the boat dock where we switched over to all the Fishers
Time for fishing!!
 Jesse drove this time
 The fishers included Myself, Jesse,Guillermo,Memo,Andy,Toni and Scott.
 Cheers...we were out for a while but caught nothing..
 Once we got back to camp the kids were begging to go on the Scavenger hunt which i had planned for everyone to do as a big group but a half of our camping group had already left and I could never get everyone together all at once so It was broken up to 3 groups..Alex,Jess and Memo...Jesse,Hillarie and Allister...and Scott , Toni with Parker,James and Gavin.
Jess Alex and Memo came in first place but all the kids won a prize..they all had a COMPLETE BLAST!!
 One of the items on the list was to find a animal home
 a Tree with a Y shape
High Five with a new friend made at the camp
It was so fun for all those that competed.
The night ended with a bunch of food being cooked up, A 40 ft fire, People passed out in the chairs around the fire, A Jackal in our campsite, A skunk in our trash, and raccoons physically opening ice chest and smashing eggs all around the campsite...yep...pretty entertaining night to say the least!

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Thelma said...

What a great day! Camping is loads of fun. Darn critters! Reminds me of BJs brother's bag of trail mix he brought camping and Dave told him to hang it in the tree and he didn't and we came back from hiking and the trail mix was ALL over the campsite! LOL!!!