Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Camping Photos and Fathers Day....Pt 4

We rounded up all the Fathers that were out camping with us and had them all take photos in front of our nice lake view...of course this lead to taking shots of all the families

 The guys!! ( missing is Scott and Lane)
 The Gals ( missing Toni and Candice)
 Kids at Play Alli and Memo and Aiden
 Aiden playing with army toys
 silly alli
 Parker, James and Gavin
 My brother can rarely take a photo without making a face..his Laurel and Hardy face I call it
 Ok finally a normal one
 Guillermo,Mary, Memo and Alex
 Jesse, Allister, Hillarie
 The Mccaffreys..Gabe,myself, Ava and Parker with Andy,James and Gavin
 Sasha,Amber,Aiden and Rick
 Josh Evie Vickie and their step child Michael Burns
Andy and the boys
...It was early in the morning and day 3 of camping...a few of us were looking a little especially. Good times.
We started the morning off with some Mimosa's and Soyrizo Burritos and lots of coffee..some of the group left but the remainder of us that stayed made mass cocktails and played badminton and boating on the was probably the funnest day of the whole trip in my opinion.


Thelma said...

Aww! Those are great pictures. Micheal..he is so funny!

lovelybones said...

omg the red shirt im wareing maked me look preo gah lol