Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Green Thumb

So I am on this mission to have thee most fantastic herb garden. Since I been getting really creative with my cooking I thought I just NEED to have my own fresh herbs. I bought a few to get started with..I got some small planters to put on the little porch shelf at home. Ava of course helped me with the gardening.
I was weary of the cats...don't want them thinking this is a new litter box for them.

We were breaking up the potting soil first and making sure it was nice and moist.

Ava did pretty well at not getting too dirty

My starter herbs that I purchased was Sweet Basil, Texas Tarragon, Lemon Thyme and Sweet Marjoram.

We made sure that we cut the bottoms of the pot and they too were nice and moist.

I really want to grow some rosemary too! I would love to just have a plethora of use for food and for teas and for aromatherapy.

Instead of putting the soil in the pot to bury the plants Ava kept pouring the dirt Over the Herbs.

ARGHH..I told Gabe not to take any photos of me!

Look Helicopter!!...

Ava was such a good helper!


Thelma said...

nice an herb garden sounds wonderful! I would love to plant flowers in my garden.

Ally said...

I've been thinking about an herb garden too. How is yours doing?