Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creatures of the Lagoon

So while at the birthday party after having ice cream and pinata and socializing everyone got into their swimsuits and went to play in the lagoon.
 The Lagoon in our area was in total I think the deepest 2 feet so it was easy for the toddlers to walk through the water and right over to the island to play on the little slide.
 This was Ava's I think 3rd trip down the slide..she looks terrified when you look at the close up of her face but she was cracking up laughing. She loved it!
 I do think though she preferred sitting on Gabe's lap though.
 Parker all cruising the slide
 This was at the deep part of the lagoon...Ava still looks so small in it though
 She was having fun sitting down and making the sand move around in the water. (it was nice they had sandy portions of the lagoon. I swear this place was so cool)
 I was on the deck looking down on her.
 Parker dunking his head under the water
 Don't say it...Yes Parker wanted to wear socks in the lagoon...strange kid.
 Everyone anxiously waiting to go down the slide
 I kinda wish I went on it now looking at these photos..
 LOL her face looks so scared every time..honestly she loves it!
There is the party area..what a fun day..after we got out of the lagoon we got our stuff and said our goodbye and went for dinner. We were starving for some real food after eating cake and ice cream all day!


Thelma said...

What an awesome place! Ava's face cracked me up going down the slide! And Parker what's up with going in with his socks? LOL he's so cute!

John and Kirsten said...

What a great park...get her prepped for her future water adventures....looks like a great party!