Friday, June 3, 2011

Ian's bday get together

For Memorial day we didn't really have any plans. We celebrated with a BBQ and drink with my family at my house om Sunday (didn't take pictures) so on memorial day we were invited to Ian's birthday. Ian is one of the little boys that lived in the apartment above us when we lived at the apartment. They had a very small bday for him.
First thing Ava went for was the box of sidewalk chalk...she just loves drawing.

After eating pizza bagels and chicken nuggets and fruit they had a little pinata. Ian got to go first.
Parker was the last to go but he busted it open!

He gave it some good wacks.

They all scrambled like crazy for the candy.

Ian was nice enough to let Ava have a few of his pieces since she was too little to battle it out with the other kids for the candy.

Checking out their goodies. Ava brought her dinosaur friend with her.


We had to go inside to light the candles it was too windy!

It was very mellow but it was still a good time.

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Thelma said...

Ava looks like such a big girl in pics now!
And Parker is bashing the crap out of that pinata!! LOL!