Friday, June 24, 2011

The Nature Center Pt 2 of camping trip

Saturday morning every one was up and at it early in the morning. Guillermo made a awesome breakfast of chilaquiles for everyone that was just Delicious. The kids had a hearty breakfast of pancakes and berries. Everyone just loafed around for a bit and I headed to the showers with Ava. She was NOT a fan of the showers.

 Ava was getting acquainted with the tent while I made some Sangria for the day.
 It got hot quick so the Sangria was going fast. I started off with a nice white Sangria
 Once we all had a nice Sangria buzz going on we took the kids over to the Nature Center.
 There was so much to see
 Ava was having a blast picking up the feathers and pine cones and bones
 They had one room that had a one way mirror. It was full of woodpeckers and other birds and tons of little baby squirrels that were really funny to watch
 Ally was having fun with her dad looking at the huge bird display. We even got to see a live wild turkey running around the grounds.
 They had some fish too and the nature center employee went to feed the fish so we rounded up all the kids to watch the fish eat
 Some of these birds are bigger then AVA!!
 More stuff from nature to play with. They had one drawer and it had all these trays of different poops and you had to try and guess who's poop it was. There would be rabbit, deer,raccoon and one was a bunch of mini Marshmallows..Parker's guess was smore was Frosty's the snowman's poop hahahaa
 They had this fun little tank with wooden fish that the kids could catch. Jess was laughing cause she was with Parker and his cousins and they were catching Bass, Trout and when Jess went to catch her fish she caught a "crappie" James said they must name the fish after the way it taste LOL
 ava liked this stuffed bobcat
She gave it one last hug before we headed off back to camp.


Thelma said...

That's great that they had showers! Great they had a Nature Center too!

lovelybones said...

damn crappie fish lol